Hanoch Piven
Guest Artist
Report on the SOI Workshop
posted: November 18, 2009
So finally after returning from NYC I had a chance to look at the wonderful photos Jessica Yeomans from the Society of Illlustrators took of the workshop we had there last week.
Here's a selection!
All photos by Jessica Yeomans Thanks Jessica!
ps: (Here's also Christoph Hitz report about it)
Fernanda who enjoys the formalities introduces Goldin and myself.
Have I mentioned I love to talk?
The Buffet. Anelle Miller filled her car with stuff from Materials for the Arts.
Dear Guy Billout serving himself from the buffet.
Anelle and Kate choosing stuff. Christoph is looking for something else...
Christoph making his great creations which he has already reported about.
Guy concentrating. It was hard to leave the airbrush and pen at home.
Adam Doyle, an illustrator and a former student of Guy.
Zimm and daughter Lila working on minimalist portraits.
Tim and Cassius O'Brien
Stefan Kiefer, Cover AD for Der Spigel
The birds lady...(sorry don't know the name)
Kushena, a lovely FIT student who made a great Self Portrait.
Kate Feirtag from the Society of Illustrators showed her talent by making a portrait of her coworker Tara.
Guy made a "Guy Billout piece" though in a different medium.
Stefan's piece. (he wasn't happy with it)
Great Squid by Nancy Sampson
Great pair of birds by the lady above.
Jessica made these two great bears.
Slowly finished pieces piled up....

(You can see Zimm's great portrait of your friendly host, piven. It is in my studio now, HA!)
...and we enjoyed looking at them.
and had some good laughs.
Stefan, Tim and Guy at my workshop! Talk about pressure. Great picture Jessica!
These three lovely ladies came from NJ. Sorry that I don't recall names.
But their table had a definitive style.
Again I apologize for not remembering the name of the face behind these great faces.
Cassius made 3 wonderful creatures: a hungry skeleton, an ant and a bird.
Tim this amazing self portrait!
Tom's portrait made by Neil, the techie guy at the Society
Final pose with pictures.
The Sequel
posted: October 22, 2009
Around a year after I visited Startzville Elementary School in Comal County, Texas, I received a package with 5 beautifull books titled Teacher, What Are Presidents Made of? (The Sequel).

These books were made by different grades in the School. Each student chose and researched an American President and found a way to represent him both in objects and words. There are too many good portraits and writing there. I'm including only a small tasting. It is such a pleasure to see how that Presidents book is flying around and sending  c r e a t i v e  teachers into a space apt for developing interesting and fun projects for the students. Thank You so much Sheri and Cec for sending them to me!

You don't want to turn into a Windigo
posted: April 20, 2009
It is so satisfying to see how teachers, inspired by my books, create their own projects giving them their own twist.
Such is the case with Cheryle Walker-Hemingway & Amy Peckham at Friends Academy in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. They sent me the above email from their Early Childhood Program students together with a wonderful book.
I cannot post all the great portraits that were in it, so my apologies for randomly choosing some!
"Thank you for making the faces in the Mo and Jo book because we liked them and got inspired by them! We love the smelly dog book, too. You inspired us to make our own book and send it to you. We are so excited for you to read it!  It was fun making the faces. Thank you for writing your books because we love them so much. They are our favorite books in our classroom. We hope you like ours, too. Love, Willow, Fionnuala, A.J., Ally, Sophia, Breck, Sierra, Rook, Nico, Nika, Reed, Morgan, Kathy, Sorelle, Erin, and Frances"
Do it Yourself Strauss
posted: February 4, 2009
Strauss created an online game where you can create digital collages using  Strauss products.
It is in Hebrew so I assume only the Hebrew speaking will be able to navigate through it but here it is. It is fun to see what people are doing. (Is this the end of my career?)
Winners get a vacation in Eilat, Israel. (no bombs fall there)

Postcard from Paris
posted: December 30, 2008
Ok all you Master Illustrators, who can paint a portrait of Che Guevarra
like this guy did, standing behind the canvas and blindfolded?
seen yesterday in front of the Pompidou Center.
A book came from Texas
posted: November 8, 2008
I have been deeply immersed in a huge work project but followed from afar up with excitement how Drawger dealt with the US Elections.
Things piled up meantime:
I received a package from the LEAP students of Lakeland Elementary in Lewisville, Texas with a beautiful book called: What LEAP Students are Made of.
There are so many nice portraits in it. Here are just a few pages randomly chosen.
Thank you so much teacher Kara Sneed and to the gifted and beautiful Leap students.
Such a gorgeous present to get.
Postcard from Long Island City
posted: September 13, 2008
One of the atendees in the workshop I gave at Materials For The Arts in Long Island City
(that amazing place deserves its own post)
was a young 4 year old girl named Sofia Rodriguez.
She made this beautiful pig jumping rope
I think she called her Olivia
Sunny Side Up Foolishness
posted: June 27, 2008
That's the type of fan mail sometimes I get.

Hanoch Shalom
I was making some sunny-side-up eggs a while ago and the result was... suprising. My wife said I'm being childish but I thought you might appriciate the foolishness more than her.
The photo is here:
Guest Artist 3
posted: April 28, 2008
Lavie who is 5 years and two months and lives in Tel Aviv sent me this picture of himself with a friend. Nice orange peppers!
Hands Up
posted: April 14, 2008
Raise your hand if you want to talk.
Last week I visited Gan Shikma (a kindergarden) in Yehud, Israel to do a little Artist visit and Workshop.
I promised the kids they will all appear in my blog so here we are.

I try to visit at least 2 kindergardens a year.  It is usually a lot of fun.
The kids, who watch my TV show, told me: "We saw YOUR HANDS on TV"
Here's one class...
and Here's the other.