Hanoch Piven
Radio Gaga
posted: February 9, 2009
Even a little doggy?
  ok this is WAY toooo much.
the tanks, the misiles, the troops,
people carrying signs claiming: "we are the best",
a little doggy,
all parading in front of my illustration

thank you thank you but I feel it got a little bit carried away.
Its a tiny bit too much..

could it be it is not really about.....MOI?

Postcard from Paris
posted: December 30, 2008
Ok all you Master Illustrators, who can paint a portrait of Che Guevarra
like this guy did, standing behind the canvas and blindfolded?
seen yesterday in front of the Pompidou Center.
Fire fire
posted: August 15, 2007
This guy is going to be fiesta-shooting pretty soon.
Haven't been too much around Drawger lately. Summer in Spain is full of festivals and fiestas. If usually it doesn't seem like anybody works in here, now it is clear that nobody works in here. It is actually tough to concentrate on anything around here.
This week is the fiesta of our neighborhood, Gracia. The fiesta consists of decorating the streets, drinking in the streets late at night, dancing and listening to music in the streets and parading around the neighborhood shooting, burning and lighting fireworks. Yes there is an obsession with fire and explosions here. If you don't believe here are some pictures from a parade that went under our balcony this afternoon.
Here they go....
The Spanish Civil War? nope. FIESTA.
And then the real fun began
The Dragon came
and the Dragon left.
This is our street.
Seen in the house
posted: February 13, 2007
Since we always have two rolls ready around the toilet, faces keep appearing there...
This guy is responsible for my Yasser Arafat unshaven look.
A Unicorn in the kitchen?