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"Maria y Yo" Graphic Novel and Film
posted: July 25, 2010
"Maria y Yo" cover

A couple of years ago, my amigote, the great Barcelona illustrator Miguel Gallardo, published a comics book called Maria y Yo (Maria and I) about his lovely autistic daughter Maria. The book is wonderfully effective: funny, touching and enlightening and received great praise in Spain, as well as the Catalan National Prize for Comics (in Spain and Catalunya they love giving prizes!). The book was now made into a no less great documentary film by Felix Fernandez de Castro which opened last week. Below are some pages from the book, a link to it, as well as the trailer for the film. No English subtitles anywhere but you will get the feel of it.
Maria lives in Canarias so Miguel and Maria get to fly a lot together, always a challenge.

Miguel is a master in capturing human gestures through facial expressions.

A big part of the movie and book centers on the contrast between Maria and the so called  "normal" tourists in a resort in the Gran Canaria Island.
UPDATE: It turns out Miguel has some pages translated to English. Here there are!

Maria and her dad. Maria loves when people give her an applause!

Report on the SOI Workshop
posted: November 18, 2009
So finally after returning from NYC I had a chance to look at the wonderful photos Jessica Yeomans from the Society of Illlustrators took of the workshop we had there last week.
Here's a selection!
All photos by Jessica Yeomans Thanks Jessica!
ps: (Here's also Christoph Hitz report about it)
Fernanda who enjoys the formalities introduces Goldin and myself.
Have I mentioned I love to talk?
The Buffet. Anelle Miller filled her car with stuff from Materials for the Arts.
Dear Guy Billout serving himself from the buffet.
Anelle and Kate choosing stuff. Christoph is looking for something else...
Christoph making his great creations which he has already reported about.
Guy concentrating. It was hard to leave the airbrush and pen at home.
Adam Doyle, an illustrator and a former student of Guy.
Zimm and daughter Lila working on minimalist portraits.
Tim and Cassius O'Brien
Stefan Kiefer, Cover AD for Der Spigel
The birds lady...(sorry don't know the name)
Kushena, a lovely FIT student who made a great Self Portrait.
Kate Feirtag from the Society of Illustrators showed her talent by making a portrait of her coworker Tara.
Guy made a "Guy Billout piece" though in a different medium.
Stefan's piece. (he wasn't happy with it)
Great Squid by Nancy Sampson
Great pair of birds by the lady above.
Jessica made these two great bears.
Slowly finished pieces piled up....

(You can see Zimm's great portrait of your friendly host, piven. It is in my studio now, HA!)
...and we enjoyed looking at them.
and had some good laughs.
Stefan, Tim and Guy at my workshop! Talk about pressure. Great picture Jessica!
These three lovely ladies came from NJ. Sorry that I don't recall names.
But their table had a definitive style.
Again I apologize for not remembering the name of the face behind these great faces.
Cassius made 3 wonderful creatures: a hungry skeleton, an ant and a bird.
Tim this amazing self portrait!
Tom's portrait made by Neil, the techie guy at the Society
Final pose with pictures.
This arrived by mail:
posted: July 4, 2009
I constantly receive emails and letters with works, pictures or tales of workshops made
using my work as inspiration. While it is a heart warming experience and I hope to get many more of these, it is a bit difficult for me to post about everything that arrives.
I try to add it all to the galleries but since I am a 'one man shop', it becomes impossible since I have to
do my own work too which is crazily busy as is. (I'm sure most of you can relate to this)

A couple of weeks ago I got some pictures in the mail which I knew I had to post about.
The pictures are from a workshop held this past Purim (the Jewish 'Carnival') in Ahuzat Zahala, a Sheltered Community for Senior Citizens in Israel.
The workshop was conducted by Merav Peleg and Anat Bitan Ramon.

I'm adding a text they attached which describes the workshop and the involvement the participants had making their self portraits.
I think, looking at the pictures, it doesn't need an English translation.
Get Cooking!
posted: February 24, 2009
Very very happy to be posting this.
After having being a painter, a comic artist, an 'official' Hells Angels Choppers' gas tank decorator, a hat maker, a graphic designer, a furniture maker, a muse, a dessert maker ... and (on top of all that) in the last 12 years, my dear wife, Janet Stein's first book This Little Bunny Can Bake will be released at the beginning of March.
The developing of the book was the result of Janet's 2 year studies in Espai Sucre, a Dessert Restaurant and School in Barcelona run by Chef Jordi Butron.
The great (and wonderful to work with) people at Random House's Schwartz and Wade saw a dummy which Janet had prepared to take to the Bologna Book Fair and decided to gamble on the yet unpublished author.
The endpapers feature recipes for fun stuff like Chocolate Salami and Frozen Banana Pops which Janet adapted and we of course tasted at home to keep the standards high.
We are all very excited in here! Here are some early reviews for the book, followed by some inside illustrations:
 "Top chefs of all ages will enjoy this romp through Chef George’s School of Dessertology ... Stein’s brush-and-ink illustrations are spiritedly funny and inviting despite Chef George’s daunting owl-scowl. ... Get cooking! " (Kirkus)
"Charming grayscale brush-and-ink illustrations with a retro feel ... Endpapers display recipes for easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly desserts with a touch of sophistication." (Booklist Reviews)
Brodner in Tel Aviv
posted: August 21, 2008
So it turns out that besides having my aunts fall in love with him, Steve Brodner made a big splash in Tel Aviv to the point that he suddenly appeared on a Tel Aviv wall drinking a Corona painted by the well known graffiti painter Rami Meiri.
(and it doesn't matter that painting was done 10 years ago - I guess he knew Steve was coming)
Waltz With Bashir
posted: May 16, 2008
Waltz With Bashir is an animated Israeli film by Ari Folman recalling his memories from the 1982 War in Lebanon. It premiered yesterday in Cannes Festival and the few scenes that can be seen online, as well as the passion and talent involved, promise very very much. Illustrator David Polonsky is the film's Art Director and main Illustrator and Yoni Goodman is the Animation Director.
Asaf and Tomer Hanuka  also worked on the film as well as Michael Faust
Check it out.

Here Ari the director and the artists talk about their process.
and yet some more guests.
posted: March 15, 2008
Ok this time the visiting artists are
the third graders at
Riverside Consolidated School
in rural New Brunswick, Canada

They made a A Simile Art Project
using My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks as inspiration
and I am letting it speak by itself.
Check out their great web page.

"Peasleecott" Award
posted: February 6, 2008
I am proud to be a recipient of the prestigious Peasleecott Award
given by  the six 2nd and 3rd grade classes at the Marguerite E. Peaslee School, a K-5 elementary school in Northborough, Massachusetts.

I'd like to thank my editor Annie Kelley, my agent Sally Heflin and my dear wife Janet for putting up with all the smelly stuff around the house needed to win this award.

Thank You very much sweet (and oh so smart!) children of Peaslee.

Carnaval Again!
posted: February 3, 2008
this post gives me a feeling of a small tradition starting...
it is carnestoltes (carnival) again in barcelona
and first of all NO I did not make that poster...

Again Ana's school had a parade. This year the theme was the 4 seasons.
I have been asked many times this past week if I made this image..no I did not.
these are mushrooms
Ana's class dressed up as old fashion heaters. these faces look weir in the chimney's windows.
and just like last year. the symbolic burning of the carnestoltes figure. this year the figure represented
all which pollutes the environment (I guess such as symbolic figures which are burnt in schools in carnival ceremonies)
Lemonade Mouth
posted: June 28, 2007
The Cover of Lemonade Mouth
I love stories about teenage nerds, about underdogs who win at the end…so when 2 years ago I got the assignment to illustrate the cover of Lemonade Mouth, and I read the manuscript, I immediately took a liking of it. The book, a young adult novel about a music band of high-school nerds, by Mark Peter Hughes, really encourages young adults to ride their own wave, and to accept that being ‘freakish’ can be just fine. So the book has been out for a while and Mark is now engaged in eccentric yet admirable behavior, by driving with his whole family across the USA promoting the book. That’s the way his characters would have behaved. Hats off. I wish the whole family a fun trip and a succesful one. Here are some pictures he sent me and here’s a link to his Blog where he will report from his journey.

He will also be reporting about his journey on NPR 's All Things Considered.
(thanks Cathie for pointing that out)
Some people get New Yorker covers and I get this. Love the smile.