Hanoch Piven
posted: February 17, 2010
This iDog is a part of a cover of the current issue of MacLife.
The cool Art Director Robin Dick sent me a box full of Apple objects to create a cover and four inside illustrations for this issue.
It was really a lot of fun to work with all that stuff. Toooo bad I had to send it all back......
I tried not to use photoshop at all on this one. Everything in its correct size....
In the ultimate Apple house, your computer will take care of locking and unlocking doors and many other automated tasks....
The Apple system will make sure you feel warm and cozy....
Apple will keep security tight around your house....
If you want to read the article here it is.
Paul Rogers February 17, 2010
All brilliant! No iPad?
Richard Borge February 17, 2010
nice work Hanoch! always smart.
Shout February 17, 2010
wow Hanoch, so nice! the first dog is my favorite, just amazing
Victor Juhasz February 17, 2010
These are so creative and smart. Beautiful.
Brian Taylor Illustration February 17, 2010
Saw these yesterday in print. Nice!
Gary Taxali February 17, 2010
iCarumba! Love these, Hanoch, awesome work my pal.
Adam McCauley February 17, 2010
Great stuff Hanoch!! Now we'll have to do system upgrades on the house as well? Aaaarggghhh!
Mark Fisher February 17, 2010
What a fun project. Great stuff.
Walter Vasconcelos February 17, 2010
Creative and very funny Mr. Hanoch!
Joe Ciardiello February 17, 2010
Great stuff, very clever.
Mike Moran February 17, 2010
Great work and so much fun.
Ellen Weinstein February 17, 2010
iLOVE! Fun gig!
Andy Ward February 18, 2010
great solutions Hanoch. The little chap with the keys is hilarious!
Yuko February 18, 2010
Ha ha ha, loooove them. By the way, hope the magazine provided all the gadgets. Otherwise, they must have ended up an uber expensive job to create!
Hanoch Piven February 18, 2010
thanks gals and boys. And Yuko: the only souvenir I got was a pair or earphones :(
Kyle T Webster February 18, 2010
This must have been one of the most fun jobs you've had in a while - how cool. Though, it seems that all of your jobs are fun, Hanoch!
Nancy Stahl February 20, 2010
Such joy..!
Nancy Stahl February 20, 2010
Such joy..!!!
Tim OBrien February 20, 2010
One of the fun things about travel is seeing my friends or even my own work in print at the magazine rack in airports. I bought this issue as reading material on the plane. Wonderful pieces my friend. I see that these are in a scale that suggests they were assembled digitally. Not a shred of difference visually and that's the great thing about what you do. It's all seamless and clever.
Lou Beach February 21, 2010
Larry McEntire, Art Institute of Houston March 14, 2010
Mac stuff is too cool. Been thinking about you as we gear up for another show and lecture. Your prints are proudly displayed at the 'tute. Thanks again for your presentation and show.