Hanoch Piven
posted: January 21, 2010
Robert De Niro for Esquire UK. 
It is great to work with David McKendrick. Scottish guy, football fan, calls me often. What else do you need in an AD.

I think this illustration shows something interesting about collage with objects: unless you glue it, you're never done!!

You can try and change expressions until the very last moment. I guess the same must be for anyone who works digitally. Even when I'm at my photographer (the gold hearted Cristina Reche), I'm still not sure and I keep trying versions, both a great and awful system...

This one was a good example. Should De Niro be smiling or not, and if yes what kind of smile?

Even though I was asked to make him happy, there is something irresistible when his mouth curves down.
This was the chosen one....
The runner up. Simple warm De Niro smile....
Subtle variation on runner up....
There was something nice in this one but the mouth was a bit 'too' drawn....
same story......
Now if Bobby would only put as much effort in choosing his recent roles as I did in drawing him...

Kyle T Webster January 21, 2010
Love the cab nose and the mole grenade. I think the frown is the best look for Mr. De Niro.
Steve Brodner January 21, 2010
H: I think they all work, but the first one's my fave. He's mostly known for being a tough guy. And not easy to draw. The young Bob and the old Bob are very different. Good going!
Stephen Kroninger January 21, 2010
Collage is a game of inches, as is caricature----the top one reads DeNiro better than the attempts to fashion a smile.
Victor Juhasz January 22, 2010
This was a tough assignment. DeNiro is not easy. The first one works best.
Leo Espinosa January 22, 2010
El primero. I don't see him with the smile. Tough one, Pibe.
randy enos January 22, 2010
Terrific Hanoch. I differ from the others here. I like the second picture with the smile. It says DeNiro to me. The smile is very typical of him. It's sinister. It's amazing how you do these.
Shout January 22, 2010
I love it, first one the best!
Lou Beach January 22, 2010
Hanoch..... a long time fan, I'm still surprised by what you're able to create with "stuff". I look at pasta and think: "How would I Pivenize this?"
Dale Stephanos January 22, 2010
Brilliant Hanoch. The grenade mole is a great detail.
randy enos January 23, 2010
Everybody's wrong...the smile is the best. Take a look at "Cape Fear"...he smiles all the way through it. When I think of DeNiro, I think of him smiling...it's his typical expression. An dats da troot!
Hanoch Piven January 23, 2010
Hey thanks for all the coments and participation and picking sides and critiques and everything. I think the problem with drawing De Niro is that we are used to see him in character. Each character of his has a very different look (though the behavior is usually very 'De Niro') so I had a hard time even picturing how his hair would be. I think the smiling one made him a bit younger...anyway I actually do like them both.
Tim OBrien January 24, 2010
Late getting to this but as always, brilliant and impressive.
lilac (we worked together in hop t.v) February 17, 2010
just found your blog! great stuff!