Hanoch Piven
posted: December 1, 2009
Back to some of my own work. Foreign Policy called me with another interesting character: Charles Darwin himself.

It was for an article by Niall Ferguson which claims that while many economists failed to predict the crisis, in the writings of a non-economist like Darwin you could find wisdom that is aplicable to the current situation. Mainly the "Survival of the Fittest"

I resisted for a while to include the chart, trying to keep it less topical and more timeless, but eventually gave up and am fine with that....
In case a detail is needed. These are Emu feathers sent to me by Carla Shipley the great Art Teacher from Comal County, Texas.
The mustache is a white marabou feather, I think....
Alex Nabaum December 1, 2009
Oh My Darwin, those shells are perfect!
Dale Stephanos December 1, 2009
Good God, this is brilliant Hanoch.
Tim OBrien December 1, 2009
Perfect. I love the feather mouth and lips through a beard.
Victor Juhasz December 1, 2009
Perfect choices for features. What a brilliant solution.
Walter Vasconcelos December 1, 2009
Very good conception Hanoch.
SB December 1, 2009
I always thought he had a delightfully simian face. But you took it to new places. Unfortunate about the chart. Feels tacked-on like a "brilliant" idea that flows out of an office (like backed up plumbing). But we manage, eh? If you crop this neatly, you have one of the most brilliant caricatures ever! Your work is smarter and more skilled all the time. Amazing sir. Bravo.
Leo Espinosa December 1, 2009
the mouth is insane!
David Flaherty December 1, 2009
Hal Mayforth December 2, 2009
Truly inspired, Hanoch!
Hanoch Piven December 2, 2009
Thanks guys. SB I definitely accept your criticism about the chart!
Brian Stauffer December 2, 2009
How in the hell did you do that? You must see faces in everything.
turcios December 2, 2009
SB December 2, 2009
I can see how the editorial need to angle something to, in this case, economics would frustrate the purity of a work. Editors don't understand that art doesn't have to tell the whole story; just a piece of it. Sometimes you can finesse their intrusiveness and sometimes you can't. That's just the way it goes. Anyway, your ideas are all anyone will take away, mos' def'.
Cathleen Toelke December 2, 2009
3/4 view and a gorilla nose! One of your very best, Hanoch.
Harry Campbell December 2, 2009
hah, the way those shells bend to suggest the somewhat furrowed brow. You must be quite observant and always searching for things like that in the objects you have and see. Did you darken the insides of the shells? because the eyes look just right.
Hanoch Piven December 2, 2009
Harry there are two tiny dark pebbles inside the shells. No artificial darkening. And yes the shells were chosen to give the idea of heavy eyelids and a frown.
Robert Hunt December 2, 2009
This is a truly brilliant illustration.
Stephen Kroninger December 2, 2009
The feather mouth is brilliant. Wish I'd thought of it.
Kyle T Webster December 2, 2009
Smart. Perfect. Did I mention smart?
David Pohl December 2, 2009
***** remarkable!
Shout December 2, 2009
genial portrait Hanoch!
Hanoch Piven December 3, 2009
Thanks again for the new comments. Kroninger, you know how things happen in collage: I didn't 'think' of it but suddenly saw it happening. Those great accidents which tend to happen less when we work with the computer.
Zina December 3, 2009
I, too, especially love the mouth, Hanoch.