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posted: November 2, 2009
Made by "Anonimous" at the Stream
workshop in
In the last month I had quite an avalanche of workshops with very very different audiences and in very different places.

As I am getting ready to go to NYC next week and have a Workshop at The Society of Illustrators (details to come) I thought I'd post some stories from the last month.

At the beginning of the month I attended Stream, which is a Un-Conference (or Non -Convention) hosted by WPP and intended to be a place for creative ideas to be shared or moved around or something like that. It was held on a great place: a Club Med near Athens. (I swam every day and have to say neither Tel Aviv nor Barcelona have such great Medirranean waters as Greece does!!!)  Lots of people involved with online businesses, advertising, Start-Ups etc were there. (in the Conference I mean, not in the water)
My talk was about what can we learn (I claim that A LOT) from playing with objects about creativity in general.
There was quite a lot of good work I have to say. Samples below.
At Stream, the participants make the program so you write your intended activity on a large white board.
Then people can choose how serious they want to be. The range is from a lecture by Sir Martin Sorrell on the State of the World of Global Advertising to a lecture on The Physics of Sperm. (My workshop somewhere between these two)
Working...I guess....
Love the title Psycho Fez Boy....
Wish I knew the name of the people who made all these great pieces...!
Ok I remember who made this Einstein. His name was Daniel....
Finally a signature on a piece! Great job Kate!...
Then I went to my beloved Garbage Mountain in Israel, Hiriya, where I met kids and families near the largest ex garbage dumping site in the Middle East. (I have written about the Hiriya workshops before)

Cute fingers....
Cute Mr....

Next was an interesting Workshop with Amdocs, an international hightech company originally from Israel.
It was an opportunity to work with a group of directors in the company and help them create art that somewhat reflected their personal journey. It was a good exercise of using the art as a vehicle to discuss issues.
Another great location. Under a large tent on top of the Dead Sea in Israel. (Sadly I don't have photos of the great landscape but for the connoseurs of the area it was on Metzokey Dragot cliff. The link above can give an idea.)

The "Buffet" of objects was perfectly prepared as usual by Hagar and "Artish".
Just FYI they had to schlepp all of that..JUNK to the middle of nowhere....
People just go back to childhood with all this junk around them. Even you know..serious people....
To end the busy month I had my first Workshop for adults in Barcelona.  It was a Workshop for school teachers sponsored by Pritt, the glue manufacturer, as part of their program prittentulista.es.
Here are many images from the workshop.
This is part of a program which was magnificently conceived by PAU Education.
I love talking......
Can you tell a glue company sponsored the Workshop?...
So if you made it to the end of the post...thanks for reading.

It was definitely a fun month for me.

Steve B November 2, 2009
You love talking and you love giving. And also I think these are some of the best workshop pieces. Very fresh, each one of them. You really have the touch! But of course we know everybody is an artist deep down. Just that some are very deep! Congrats.
Paul Rogers November 2, 2009
All wonderful! You have a talent for bringing the artist out in people. Plus, you've tapped into the lucrative glue-sponsorship-circuit.
Victor Juhasz November 2, 2009
You are an inspiration. You bring out the best in people wishing to exercise their creativity.
felix s November 2, 2009
wow. very cool. and to think.. this stuff was invented in the 50's! Oy. see you here in NYC for SI in a few weeks
Brian Stauffer November 2, 2009
So giving.
David Flaherty November 2, 2009
What is amazing is that you seem to have little concern that you could be training an army of people to steal your work style and put you out of business! Nobody can be Hanoch!
Leo Espinosa November 3, 2009
I could never get tired of your posts. Seeing people's faces is such a treat, Pibe.
John Hendrix November 3, 2009
This is wonderful- really great to see your work leave the drawing table and interact with real people. We all should do the same... thanks for sharing!
Hanoch Piven November 3, 2009
Steve, wouldn't categorize these Workshops as "pure" giving. (I do others that fall in that category) My Bank Manager is certainly happy they're not. But thanks anyway. Paul: you GET IT! Brian thanks! (see above). Thanks Victor. Your posts do the same for me. Sock yeah finally lets meet! We can wrestle at the AI Party. Lets make a scene. Chrissy thank you very much and good luck with it at school! Make sure to send me samples of their work for my Children Art Gallery which I have been neglecting. Leo un abrazo. Flaherty are you serious?? Leave me without a job! shoot! never occurred to me! John I certainly recommend it. Coming back to the studio is great then!