Hanoch Piven
The Sequel
posted: October 22, 2009
Around a year after I visited Startzville Elementary School in Comal County, Texas, I received a package with 5 beautifull books titled Teacher, What Are Presidents Made of? (The Sequel).

These books were made by different grades in the School. Each student chose and researched an American President and found a way to represent him both in objects and words.
There are too many good portraits and writing there. I'm including only a small tasting.
It is such a pleasure to see how that Presidents book is flying around and sending  c r e a t i v e  teachers into a space apt for developing interesting and fun projects for the students.
Thank You so much Sheri and Cec for sending them to me!

Andy Ward October 22, 2009
What a fantastic project, kudos to Mrs Pearson!(& Mr piven of course). What a buzz it must be for the puils to see their fine work in print. A real gem.
Harry Campbell October 22, 2009
I always love when kids get a dose of history, especially the real history, like assassinations, J.Q Adams' quirky personality etc. The Adams' are some of the most fascinating American figures, tragic, crazy, brilliant. Kudos for touching the minds of these children.
Paul Rogers October 22, 2009
Wonderful! Great portraits and writing by these kids. Now, about the typography . . .