Hanoch Piven
Jay Leno
posted: September 7, 2009
Vacation ended really suddenly. Washington Post called for a portrait of Jay Leno, previewing the fall TV season with the new Primetime show of Leno.
Since the edge of the story was connected to the whole 'revolutionary' idea of having Leno at 10PM, a clock or time reference needed to be part of the illustration.
It took me a while to release myself from the notion that 'clock' equals: 'circle' or 'rectangle' and I realized that I could strip the ten o'clock hour from all unneeded adjacent shapes. It made sense since it was all about THE 10 OCLOCK, and luckily 10 o'clock can be a smile (although 10:10 would have worked better)
Here's the story.

It is the second Leno I make. Sixteen years ago when he and not Letterman got The Tonight show (and I, as a younger, angrier, single NYorker was an avid Letterman fan) I was more critical of Leno and as you can see in my previous Jay done in 1993 for Entertainment Weekly I made quite a different piece. (and had to sacrify my own pillow on the way). That piece was definitely more opinionated.

Not that I follow either of them nowadays but last week watching quite a lot of Leno moments online, I have to say the guy has grown on me...
Wishawna September 7, 2009
Spot on! I'm a Conan fan myself.
Victor Juhasz September 7, 2009
Very very clever solution/s to Leno. Fascinating how you pick the perfect objects to represent parts of the face.
Hanoch Piven September 7, 2009
thanks Wishi and Victor. Kroninger thanks for the plug; Many of the pieces there were done for EW and I have to say I miss working the way it was for EW in the 90's. Seems like editors did not get that involved back then.
Adam McCauley September 7, 2009
That pillow one is genius, Hanoch. I've always been astounded by how you capture people, it's simply amazing. And indeed, the EW of the 90s was the heyday for not only illustration but also photography and design, they really did it right.
Mark Fisher September 8, 2009
Both are fun but the pillow one is amazing Hanoch.
Drew Friedman September 9, 2009
Love this and all your work!
cathie bleck September 9, 2009
The pillow is brilliant. I get the feeling you thought so clearly visually since you were a small child. I am amazed at what you are able to capture with so few elements.
Hanoch Piven September 9, 2009
Thanks Adam, Cathie, Drew and Mark. Rest assured it is the last time I show a new piece next to a 'classic' old one!!! Well I actually like that old Leno much better too... there was a commentary there about him, he bored me to sleep. oh the good old times. we was young and wild.