Hanoch Piven
posted: September 3, 2009
In 1986 I was a student in the Computer Science Department in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
A couple of weeks after school started I met this funny looking religious guy named Tsiki, we immediately
realized we 'spoke the same language' (whatever that is) and have been great friends ever since.

None of us finished that degree (thank god!) and we both took different paths in life.
Tsiki has been for the past years in the island of Paros, Greece running a center named Taos, self described as:

"A study center for the art of happy life,
Where simple Tao meets the sword of Zen in a Zorba way."

Well, last week as part of a nice family vacation to Paros, I conducted a workshop in Taos.
It was very interesting first and foremost because it was the first workshop I ever gave barefoot.

But beyond that, the energies of the people there made it a lot of fun. We spent the morning creating individual works and the afternoon working in groups creating larger sculptures.
You can see the results down below.

Conducting my regular Workshop in a place where people come to study a bit about their own life and be self reflective made me think of another layer of insights which can be extracted from the work with objects.
Haven't totally processed it yet but there seems to be interesting stuff there...   Sadly I'm not barefoot anymore, deadlines have a way of doing this to you. (Luckily as an illustrator I can work without a shirt on...)

Thanks Ronit and Tsiki and everybody in Taos for hosting us!

The view from Taos....
Ronit, Tsiki's wife is deep in creative thought....
Actually everybody seems to be deep at work.....
Ronit made this creature filled with 'Joie de vivre'!...
Barefoot indeed. Keeps the parket clean I guess.
But seriously one of the most fun parts in the workshop is hearing the people describe their work!...
the bell was already there. We made the owl....
Who knows what this cleaning dragon with goggles is......
This dog has Step Dancing shoes for ears....
Working as a group is great, one idea leads to another and eventually this owl became a lamp....
and there is Tsiki serving tea as we ended the work. He is not that funny looking anymore nor religious....
Andy Ward September 3, 2009
Looks like a fun day Hanoch, a beautiful environment and raw creativity in abundance.
Leo Espinosa September 3, 2009
You have been blessed by the ready made gods, ha, ha. Your traveling barefoot studio is a dream and you are living it, Pibe.
Harry September 3, 2009
What a life. Seriously, Hanoch, next time you're giving a workshop in paradise-let me know.
laura t. September 3, 2009
looks like a fab time in a beautiful setting. love the photos!! you should do a workshop in nyc :)
Hal Mayforth September 3, 2009
Hey Hanoch, wanna trade lives? This looks like a blast.
Hanoch Piven September 3, 2009
Hi thanks Andy, Taos IS special. I really recommend it even just as a fun place to relax. There were people from all over there. Leo the traveling is fun, but you know very well when you hit the studio, work hits you!! But yes I thank the 'readymade'God daily. Harry you should finally fulfill that dream of yours and go spend a year in Europe!!! Laura T: I gave a workshop in NY and you did not come...booh. By the way we rode scooters (not Vespas) you would have liked it. Hal I'm taking you up on your offer. I'll take your drawing skill, your guitar playing and general stage present as a rocker..what else..
Yuko Shimizu September 3, 2009
You have the best lifestyle! Enjoy creating, enjoy life, and teach others to enjoy as well. In the perfect environment. Now, you cannot get any better than that! ;-b
Dori September 4, 2009
Dearest, it was amazing for us Taos people as it was for you. Hope to see you here again soon Kisses Dori
Hanoch Piven September 4, 2009
Hey Dori! your self portrait up-there looks so much like you! Thanks again to you, Maya and Guy as well!!!!
Ruzz September 13, 2009
2 weeks later and my inspiration keeps on running since the great workshop you gave us. Those were precious times! Hope to see you in Hirie... what a contradiction to Paros...:) All the best Ruzzzzzzz Gedera.
Ruzzi June 30, 2010
I was hoping to be there this year too but at the end we desided on going to italy... have a good time!