Hanoch Piven
posted: August 9, 2009
On a slow August in Spain when nobody seems to be working, we took a weekend trip to Cadaques and Port Lligat.
It was a great opportunity to visit Dali and Gala's Museum/House.

While I was never a fan of Dali's paintings after having visited his house and the Dali Museum in Figueres it is hard not to admire the man for the constant creativity with which he lived his life. (and if it made him wealthy on the way all the better)

Here are some pictures we took up there, and some fun Dali stuff from youtube.

The bay of Port Lligat with Dali's and Gala's house in the background....
The bear greets you. It was a bit of a shock to Ana....
The bedroom...
The studio...
An unfinished painting of Gala...
The view form the studio...
Model in the studio...
The 'garden' near the swimming pool...
Some videos, if I manage to embedd them this time..

Hanoch Piven August 9, 2009
Sorry but Drawger was acting weird for me and I had to delete and re-post. I'm putting back the comments that were there. (if anybody wants me to delete theirs just tell me..) thanks Flaherty for your help! it worked at the end
Hanoch Piven August 9, 2009
by Leo Espinosa I still remember the giant eggs on the rooftop and the little cricket cage he kept close to his bed so he could always hear crickets singing at night. What a man, what a soul! Thank you for bringing back those memories, Hanoch. BTW: Ana's eyes match the magic of the place :) by Edel Rodriguez 11:24 am today On the train to Barcelona from Nice, we stopped in Figueres once just to visit the museum. It does make you think about how far he extended his work into life and sculpture. Great visit there. I haven't been to his house in Cadaques, thanks for the pics! by Steve Brodner 1:23 pm today Yes, about those eyes. The greatest art in the place. I always felt he was 2/3 fraud. I don't anymore. He was 3/3 fraud, 1/3, 2/3 and then 100% pure genius, depending on when you are looking at him. Most important, aside from being in the avant garde of surrealism, is his relationship with media. He prefigures Warhol, but with great skill and wonderful playfulness. You see it everywhere in this studio. Thanks for these, H. by David Flaherty 2:28 pm today Dali was one of my early favorites. Visited the Dali Museum in Toledo Ohio before it moved to Florida. Hey Hanoch, your vids are not showing up... Click the "embed" button when posting vids fyi. d
Harry August 10, 2009
Seems there are a few Dali museums. I recall seeing one from the Eye in London, maybe that was temporary. Looks like a nice trip, great clips.
Hanoch Piven August 10, 2009
The Dali Museum in Figueres is definitely the place to visit first. It is more a complete piece of art by Dali. This house is magical first of all because of its location, in addition it was built and rebuilt by Dali and Gala during 50 years (1930-1980) so you get to at least imagine a bit how they lived. Wishawna thanks for the video. Why does it say David Bowie? Christoph I will post it in that gallery soon. thanks for telling me about it.