Hanoch Piven
posted: July 21, 2009
As the Tour De France enters its final week a good opportunity to remember Lance Armstrong
in yellow, a color he probably won't be wearing again in the Tour.

The Guardian's Observer Sport Monthly called to re-use the Lance illustration I had made for my What Athletes are made of book 3 years ago.

There are some quite interesting articles on Lance to read there, specially David Millar's, a British rider.

David Flaherty July 21, 2009
spot on!
Nishan Akgulian July 21, 2009
Love it, especially set in the background. Really creates a sense of movement.
Wishawna July 21, 2009
Perfect! You make it look too easy.
Steve Brodner July 21, 2009
The drawing of the figure is also very very good. That's really looking. Marvelous piece all around.
Leo Espinosa July 21, 2009
Bravo pibe! Love the livestrong wrist band and the nose but the eyes are just amazing! Did you watch today? The man still has it. Ready made rules!
Hanoch Piven July 21, 2009
Hi there, thanks DF, Nishan, Wishawna and SB. Leo I haven't watched today, but tomorrow is a big day again! (funny my word to write below is ROCKFACE)
Drew Friedman July 21, 2009
Alex Nabaum July 21, 2009
Where did you find that little bike chain! You are amazing.
Robert Hunt July 21, 2009
Eric Braddock July 22, 2009
I love this. Also, Lance Armstrong is one of my heroes. The piece looks great, Hanoch!