Hanoch Piven
This arrived by mail:
posted: July 4, 2009
I constantly receive emails and letters with works, pictures or tales of workshops made
using my work as inspiration. While it is a heart warming experience and I hope to get many more of these, it is a bit difficult for me to post about everything that arrives.
I try to add it all to the galleries but since I am a 'one man shop', it becomes impossible since I have to
do my own work too which is crazily busy as is. (I'm sure most of you can relate to this)

A couple of weeks ago I got some pictures in the mail which I knew I had to post about.
The pictures are from a workshop held this past Purim (the Jewish 'Carnival') in Ahuzat Zahala, a Sheltered Community for Senior Citizens in Israel.
The workshop was conducted by Merav Peleg and Anat Bitan Ramon.

I'm adding a text they attached which describes the workshop and the involvement the participants had making their self portraits.
I think, looking at the pictures, it doesn't need an English translation.
Mark Fisher July 4, 2009
The Hanoch assembly line is now operational!
Steve Brodner July 4, 2009
These are so sweet. A mitzvah Hanoch.
Yuko July 4, 2009
This is so sweet and touching. You can tell that they had a terrific time, and it really shows in their final pieces. Thanks for sharing.
Paul Rogers July 4, 2009
That's beautiful. I'd love to hear the conversation around those tables.
Nate Williams July 5, 2009
this is amazing! so cool congrats
Randall Enos July 6, 2009
These are so great. You have made a lot of people very happy and fulfilled with your inspiration...it must make you feel good. I can't believe how clever they all are.
David Flaherty July 6, 2009
good work! as I can tell from my father's rest home, the activities often are lacking... this looks great!
Belinha August 17, 2009
Belinha August 17, 2009
Wonderfull! :)))