Hanoch Piven
How often?
posted: July 3, 2009
How often do you get to stand with your 2 children in front of a wall filled with your art?

This was shot (thank you Nurit!!) this past Tuesday in the opening of Faces, Inside and Out, an exhibition in which I am participating in The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

The work on the wall was a collaborative project with Mesila Studio, a Sustainable Design Studio in the cool Florentin neighborhood in Tel Aviv. It was a lot of fun working together. Check out their site.
laura t. July 3, 2009
awesome, hanoch!! you look thrilled, as you should be :) sorry i can't make it over to the show but hope it's a blast!!
Yuko July 3, 2009
Congratulations!! This is amazing. And they work really well and fun against the green wall. I wish I can be there to see it. Enjoy your stay!!
Paul Rogers July 3, 2009
Mazel tov! That picture says it all.
Victor Juhasz July 3, 2009
Wonderful picture. Great looking kids. Beautiful looking display on the wall as well.
Tim OBrien July 3, 2009
great picture! Cheers!
Richard Downs July 3, 2009
Looks great Hanoch and such a nice set of kids. Congrats!
Mark Fisher July 3, 2009
A proud Papa and proud children, priceless!
Cathie Bleck July 3, 2009
That looks like an amazing show and your kids are so beautiful! What a precious moment, like you said...enjoy!
Steve Brodner July 4, 2009
THAT is Jakob!!! He is awesome and she is beautiful. And you, well, you're all they say.
Hanoch Piven July 4, 2009
thanks people it was fun. I wish I had a good picture of the wall to post.
Drew Friedman July 4, 2009
Wow, what a wonderful moment for you!