Hanoch Piven
Larry David for The Boston Globe
posted: June 22, 2009
Larry David for yesterdays Film Section at The Globe.

Brian Stauffer June 22, 2009
The q-tips are inspired. A great one.
Tim OBrien June 22, 2009
Steve Brodner June 22, 2009
H: This is funny than he is. By a long shot. Great! I hear this is a turkey BTW. Wouldn't even get a slot in the Old Jewish Man Film Festival.
Hanoch Piven June 22, 2009
thanks Brian, Tim and Steve. I just enjoyed imagining him in all these petty situations. (and without seeing the movie I can imagine it. I am done with Woody - recently re-watched Annie Hall and it just doesn't hold anymore, except for the joke: "What's wrong with masturbating? It is having sex with someone I love!")
Gary Taxali June 22, 2009
"I am done with Woody - recently re-watched Annie Hall and it just doesn't hold anymore" Bite your tongue, good sir! Next you'll be attacking "Bananas" and "Purple Rose of Cairo". I'm covering my ears now.
Hanoch Piven June 22, 2009
well Gary, re Bananas you're right. It was still funny to me the last time I watched...
Stephen Kroninger June 22, 2009
Larry David is brilliant, both the man and your caricature. My fave Woody Allen pic is BROADWAY DANNY ROSE. ZELIG is also up there.
Laura Levine June 22, 2009
Nailed it once again! I love his lemon mouth.
David Flaherty June 22, 2009
Great Job Hanoch!
Victor Juhasz June 22, 2009
Congrats. Very clever.
Drew Friedman June 22, 2009
Brilliant. Every time I buy into the "This is Woody's comeback" hype, and inevitably the horrible reviews start appearing. Sigh. My top favorite Woodman's: Annie Hall Manhattan Crimes and Misdemeanors Love & Death Hanna and her Sisters
Col B. June 23, 2009
OK, my eyes aren't too good and my glasses are three years old. I give up. I just have to ask what you used to make his nose? Thanks, Colleen
Hanoch Piven June 23, 2009
thnx Stephen, LAura, Drew, David, Victor.. Colleen it is a shoehorn.
Robert Saunders June 23, 2009
I loved Curb Your Enthusiasm so I'll go see the Allen flick just for Larry. I still like many of Woody's films, especially Take the Money and Run.
randy enos June 23, 2009
Hanoch....another masterpiece...you nailed him. Everybody forgot the best Woody ever: Sweet and Lowdown. Actually...I agree with Kroninger on Broadway Danny Rose...it's always been my favorite but Sean Penn is my favorite actor and I love the story of the passionate if not completely self-centered guitarist. Isn't it a crime the way Woody has edged out Hanoch here in the comments?
Paul Rogers June 23, 2009
Two of my favorites, LD and HP! I never understand it when I hear criticism of Woody. The guy has made so many great films, one a year for so many years. Why bash him? everything won't be brilliant, but I enjoy watching every one, even the ones I can't remember. And let's not forget Radio Days.
Hanoch Piven June 24, 2009
You know Paul I was thinking something along the same lines. How cocky of ...me. We could all hope for a career that spans over 40 years. Show me somebody that stayed totally relevant for that long.
Ryan Chapman July 13, 2009
HP this is amazing i love the lemon mouth,i have a question, have any of the celebs/musicians that you have drawn over the years,ever asked you for the original artwork? Best Ryan