Hanoch Piven
Seen in The Tel Aviv airport
posted: June 5, 2009
Yesterday when I arrived to catch my flight back from Tel Aviv to Barcelona,
I encountered a nice surprise in the check-in hall of the Ben Gurion Airport.
Strauss Group filled the hall with the images I have created for them pictured on top of colorful light-boxes which really filled with colors the otherwise pretty colorless hall.

I quickly checked-in and started taking photos all around enjoying myself, not noticing that apparently the security agents were getting a bit nervous by the short man going around taking all these pictures.
So after I finished I suddenly noticed three or four of them were following me until they finally stopped me to find out exactly WHAT was I doing and WHY?  (Of course I really look like I'm from Al Qaeda)

Well after a short explanation, which included showing them my passport: "See? its the same name as the signature below the image", I managed to get them to smile a bit, although I was slightly disappointed they didn't make any artistic comment or told me they liked my work. It was all business for them. Boring.
Andy Ward June 5, 2009
I take your security guards frown and exchange it for a fellow drawger's beaming grin. Great job Hanoch. I'd lose the beard though to avoid future airport hiccups. It's a dead giveaway.
Harry Campbell June 5, 2009
Not sure my comment got posted. What a thrill that must be to unexpectedly be confronted with your images, an back lit. If you got the guards to even crack the slightest grin then you have done your job. Those guys are practiced granite. I admire your globetrotting-Tel Aviv-Texas-Barcelona.
laura tallardy June 5, 2009
so cool!! congrats hanoch, that must have been a wonderful surprise :) you shoulda gotten the guards to take photos of you with the ads!
Leo Espinosa June 5, 2009
The illos are great but the whole campaign is very well designed to make them look even better. Do you agree, my ready-made amigo?
Hanoch Piven June 5, 2009
Andy ok so I have a beard but I'm short and kind, no terrorist material.. Thanks Harry, come visit in BCN Laura the truth is that I immediately felt guilty of having done something awful so I was really happy when they didn't make a big deal out of it. Leo I agree, the campaign is so far run in a very effective way by the ad agency! no complains.
Yuko June 5, 2009
This is just toooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randall Enos June 5, 2009
I LOVE IT....great story...what an adventure. The work looks gorgeous...you're a superstar! I would think those stupid security guards would have wanted their photos taken with the famous Hanoch.
Randy Jones June 5, 2009
Great story! You should have has and opening party for this colourful one man show.
Marina June 30, 2009
ha-ha, Hanoch! You made my day! What a wonderful story! I can imagine you rounded by the security agents at the middle of the airport... Your images really adds some color to life!