Hanoch Piven
less than 5 hours away...
posted: May 27, 2009
Edel Rodriguez May 27, 2009
when Barcelona wins, I hope you won't be celebrating with cabbage soup.
Jorge Mascarenhas May 27, 2009
Hanoch, The first goal in this video was heartbreaking for me....but I hope Barça wins today. In the same style when they beat Madrid 6-2. Maybe I'm asking too much...cheers!
Hanoch Piven May 27, 2009
Jorge I know what you mean...Barça didn't deserve to win that one. Are you a Chelsea fan? I just want it to be memorable. How often do the two teams with the best football make it to the final? Edel I will have a couple of bottles of cabbage soup ready in the fridge!
mark ulriksen May 27, 2009
As much as I'm pulling for Barca I think Manchester is just too complete a team. But what a great matchup on paper! I just want it to be a great game where the best team wins. I'll be thinking of our time in Barcelona with you and savoring the thought of sipping clara's and inhaling too much cigarette smoke.
Jorge Mascarenhas May 27, 2009
Hey Hanoch, To be honest Barça is a better team this season. I'm indeed a Chelsea fan, but will be putting my hopes on Barça today, even though they eliminated my club. I'm tired of Man U and Cristiano Ronaldo... Vamos Barça! P.S: Chelsea had chances to put away the game vs Barça...but they didn't take them. Conclusion: Barça deserved to be in the final
Edel Rodriguez May 27, 2009
2-0 Barça!
Leo Espinosa May 27, 2009
Hanoch Piven May 27, 2009
Almost seemed easy, compared to other games. It was funny to watch Zapatero, Spain's President excited as a little kid.
Jorge Mascarenhas May 27, 2009
Congratulations Hanoch! Well deserved..I''m also happy!
flabberty May 27, 2009
good win!
Andy Ward May 28, 2009
watching cry baby Ronaldo sulking was priceless. Voted recently by Gay Times as the sexiest man on the planet as well as fifa footballer of the year i'd like to vote him w*%@$r of the year. Go barca.