Hanoch Piven
Cabbage Soup!
posted: May 25, 2009
So after the eating debauchery of Texas and NY
Janet suggested we both do the cabbage soup diet...
it sounded like a fun idea......you know me, I'm all for adventure!
Cleansing time!

So...day one has gone by. I'm up in the middle of the night..
can't sleep, weak, with really funny stuff happening in my stomach...

and I can't wait for the morning so I can have my breakfast of... cabbage soup.

Randall Enos May 25, 2009
Gee thanks....I don't know if I'll ever get my appetite back again after reading this.
Gary Taxali May 26, 2009
I just looked at the recipe. Lipton soup mix? 48 oz of V8 juice? I don't think detoxing with processed foods is a good way to go, Hanoch.
Hanoch Piven May 26, 2009
oops.. Actually I just linked to that page to give an idea of what it entails.. Janet made the soup but I doubt she used that specific recipe or any processed foods. I'm on day two now..many vegetables and soup, getting used to it.
Drew Friedman May 26, 2009
You're on to something. Good luck with the gas issues.
Harry May 26, 2009
Want to lose weight? Just don't eat bread, it's amazing. Lots of veggies and fruit, as much as you like. Cabbage is gassy no? Good luck.
Nancy Stahl May 27, 2009
How many drawgers are married to women named Janet? Next time I'm at the Society and can't remember a spouse's name, I think I'll just call her Janet and I'm sure I'll be right at least half the time..!
Hanoch Piven May 27, 2009
Why? who else Nancy? I'm on day 3!