Hanoch Piven
My 3 minutes of fame in Houston
posted: May 18, 2009
Ok so I'm in Houston doing two days of workshops,
and this morning was invited to visit the morning TV show at FOX.
Gary Taxali May 18, 2009
Hanoch, that was great! Really good clip.
Steve Brodner May 18, 2009
Hanoch: A smashing success, flashing your brilliant lantern into the deep red void (Make it real simple and you still have to work so hard explaining!) And you did it well. Great TV and I'll bet you gave some kids, teachers and parents some ideas. That aside, you are so good on the air: smart, friendly, warm, witty, easy, you are exactly yourself. (Who else would you be?) Continued success my friend.
John Dykes May 18, 2009
Wonderful, Hanoch - They should have shown a few of your other works as well.... Nice one!
Joe Ciardiello May 18, 2009
That's terrific Hanoch. And you seemed so relaxed. You need your own TV show.
Richard Downs May 18, 2009
That streamed so nice!. Hanoch, "I am done when the deadline arrives" was priceless, congrats, you are an ambassador of art within reach, for all.
David Flaherty May 18, 2009
Hanoch is a rock star! Just ask Sofia Rodriguez! Nice to have dinner Mr. P. They sort of fumbled your name a bit eh?
Hanoch Piven May 19, 2009
Thanks Gary, Steve and Joe. I'm always so self critical (why didn't I look at the camera, why do I say so many times "you know" etc..) John, the 2 anchors actually showed my work before they showed us working, it was I guess on a different segment. Richard, I'm glad you laughed at the deadline remark. I was expecting (and didn't get) to hear at least a bit of laughter from her so I felt my joke bombed...
Hanoch Piven May 19, 2009
Flaherty I hear you befriended my wife on Facebook. Stay away from her!! ps: glad you're feeling better.
Edel Rodriguez May 19, 2009
hey hanoch, it's scary doing t.v. or video interviews, you sounded great and natural.
Tim OBrien May 19, 2009
Great job. You're a natural.
Andy Ward May 19, 2009
Well that was the most intelligent thing i've seen so far on FOX. You are a natural in front of the camera Hanoch - more please.
Eric Braddock May 19, 2009
What a great little spot on Fox! Congratz, Hanoch, you handled being in front of the camera masterfully.
Chris Buzelli May 19, 2009
Hanoch, You need your own show. Fantastic clip.
Cathleen Toelke May 19, 2009
I'm with the other comments here, Hanoch--you came across as if you're in front of the camera everyday! Very well spoken, very pro.
Brian Stauffer May 19, 2009
Man, it's hard not to like a guy who demolishes the snob-factor barrier surrounding the creation of art. Your way of describing the process both validates and invites. Rare.
Hanoch Piven May 19, 2009
Natural Schmatural! I was afraid she was going to step on me! The truth is she was a lovely lady and we talked and hang out a lot earlier and that made me feel very relaxed. And besides, I have been on Israeli TV many times so gradually I've just become used to it and still I am never as free or quick or fluent as I'd want to be.
Christoph Hitz May 19, 2009
Hanoch, My favorite answer to how do you know when your done: I'm done when my deadline arrives. Lovely clip, you made Fox look good.
harry May 19, 2009
I could definitely see you doing a kids show. Call Nick.
Randall Enos May 19, 2009
Well that was enjoyable. You should have your own show. I agree with John, you should have blown them away with one of your brilliant caricatures. It's terrific how you got her to "create" a portrait. What a pro you are.
laura tallardy May 19, 2009
hanoch you famous!!! and too cool :) when the deadline arrives... love it ^^
David Flaherty May 19, 2009
I liked how you said you used Humus, gefilte fish, and...BACON! :) Texas after all! That's your wife? She said she was not married? Actually, I figured she'd want to see the Sofia pictures.
Gary Taxali May 19, 2009
That show idea is a good one! Hanoch, kids would love it and I would totally watch it!!
Marc May 19, 2009
Great job, Hanoch! Congratulations.
Scott Bakal May 19, 2009
Wish I could meet up with you somewhere down there. I'll be in Dallas tomorrow! Nice clip!
Adam McCauley May 19, 2009
Great clip Hanoch, go man go!
Hal Mayforth May 19, 2009
Well done, Hanoch!
Paul Rogers May 19, 2009
I always check the Houston FOX morning show anyway, but what a pleasure to see you on the show. You are brilliant! Illustrator jokes always bomb on TV.
Laura Levine May 19, 2009
Hanoch, that was excellent!
Janet May 20, 2009
you see? you're a schtarrrr!
Robert Saunders May 20, 2009
You're a great presence on camera, Hanoch. The interviewer seemed a little collage-challenged despite the low hurdle. :)