Hanoch Piven
I made Maddof of..
posted: May 1, 2009
Bernie Madoff made for Time Magazine's 2009 100 List.
The guy at the stationary store didn't quite get my motivation for shredding dollar bills with his shredder...
Ma-dear wife Janet made the cute little money bags for me.

Read here the accompanying article by Michael Moore

Laura Levine May 1, 2009
Nice! Money Snake = Jailtime.
Steve Brodner May 1, 2009
The snake is a killer HP. And it's also very funny (except if you had invested with Uncle Bernie). The worst thing that can happen to him now is for him to fully comprehend the pain he caused. Oh yes and to acquire the capacity for shame. Very fine piece.
Drew Friedman May 1, 2009
Classic Piven!!
Laura Levine May 1, 2009
I tried to post a "plus sign" ( ) but it didn't work.
Tim OBrien May 1, 2009
Yuko Shimizu May 1, 2009
Oh yeah!
Cathleen Toelke May 1, 2009
Snake-mouth, yes!
mark ulriksen May 1, 2009
I like the black trench coat.
Victor Juhasz May 1, 2009
Great selection of objects to create the features on the face. Very clever.
Adam McCauley May 1, 2009
How you do it Hanoch, I do not know. Amazing, dead-on likeness. The snake is incredible enough, but to me the party horn nose puts it into another dimension...
Hanoch Piven May 2, 2009
Thanks girls and guys. It took Chrissy Dunleavy at Time and myself a while to arrive to an approved sketch. It is always much easier to ridicule a far-away Asian ruler. Actually the snake was Chrissy's idea!
Mike Moran May 2, 2009
You most have had a blast doing this one. Actually it looks like you have a blast doing all your art. The eyes and mouth sum it all up for Madoff. Perfect.
Michael Hogue May 2, 2009
One word: Greatness
Brian Stauffer May 2, 2009
In what other field would you be able to reach out and gain this kind of proximity to figures like Madoff? It's Time's story, but your visual commentary, and you're speaking directly to him. Right on.
Stephen Kroninger May 2, 2009
CLASSIC PIVEN! Makes me want to go curl up with my copy of FACES.
Gary Taxali May 2, 2009
This is an amazing illustration, Hanoch (and great idea on the snake mouth, Chrissy!)!
randy enos May 2, 2009
A beaut Hanoch. Can you shred money without getting arrested? If so...I'm running out and shred me some...wait...I don't have to run out, my wife has a shredder (she uses it on my old underwear).
Richard Downs May 3, 2009
Awesome!, I saw your FP cover yesterday at Borders, it printed really nice. I couldn't believe how they held the saturation of the pink.The full page printed equally nice.
Robert Saunders May 3, 2009