Hanoch Piven
Karl Marx
posted: April 22, 2009
Karl Marx done for May/June issue of Foreign Policy.

"The economic crisis has spawned a resurgence of interest in Karl Marx. Worldwide sales of Das Kapital have shot up (one lone German publisher sold thousands of copies in 2008, compared with 100 the year before)" (From the article)

Read it here.

Tim OBrien April 22, 2009
Bread beard! Love it as usual!
Walter Vasconcelos April 22, 2009
Great graphic solution Hanoch, the Proletariat is very happy!
Steve Brodner April 23, 2009
H: You know there are worse books to read. Great work as usual. I think the bread could have been whole grain . . . more substantial. (:?.#
Andy Ward April 23, 2009
I remember seeing this in progress on your work surface when i visited, BEAUTIFUL! I'm guessing you shared Marx out with the local pigeon population after his death. It's what he would have wanted...