Hanoch Piven
Shenkar College Workshop
posted: April 7, 2009
Ok back to the Blog (I have been away from the studio for a while). Last week I gave a Workshop in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design College of Engineering and Design in Israel. Invited by Itzik Rennert, a member of the Israeli Actus comics group and head of the Visual Communication Department there. It was the first time I brought my 'Drawing with Objects' workshop to a real Art or Design College. (renamed Ready Made Workshop in order to sound more serious and professional..you know.. Art Schools) and I was curious and a bit worried of what these 2nd year Design and Illustration students, all happily married to their Macintosh computers will come up with, if at all. The workshop took four days and started with a long talk of mine at the end of which, they were sent to the streets of the city and to their grandparents houses to gather junk. They responded beautifully and the next morning the whole floor of the Design department became a junkyard. Just the way I like it. The students were asked to create animals, real or imaginary. Not to decide ahead of time what they will make. Rather to let the objects guide them, to follow their forms, to play, to let accidents happen. There were 100 students so we divided them in 2 groups and each group worked for a day and a half on their pieces approx. Not a lot of time but enough to slowly create, reflect, improve and give a final touch. It was very exciting. The students took the work to another level and each student took it to their own place: some were cartoonish, some poetic, some political and some abstract. There were so many great pieces, that I cannot show them all. Forgive me for putting too many as is, but it is hard to edit down. I am totally sorry that I don't have the names of the students with me (there were a hundred) so I cannot properly credit each animal with their creator but I will work on it.
Initial play with all the stuff that was brought in....
Remember the old PC disks?...
The water bottle on his way to become.....
..a pig....
The PC disks are back....
The little pinguin is holding a remote control in his hand. (not the greatest picture)...
This Panda casted an amazing Panda shadow. The type of discoveries which happened on the way....
The dead mosquito. A favorite of the crowd....
Not sure what it is but it is poetic....
Cute (drunk?) elephant....
Many cleaning jobs in Israel were traditionally held by Arabs, and nowadays by foreign workers. Another big problem in the making which nobody is really dealing with its long term influence. This piece somehow managed to represent all that, at least to me. ...
never realized that these old screens could become Lion's heads....
Hunter Thompson?...
I love the student who totally ignores the assignment's theme and comes up with something else completely great....
Steve B April 7, 2009
These are extremely good. You're not just dealing with process now, it's a happening and exciting result. I can see a large collaboration on something big with many artists. Maybe get all the Drawger people together and you can work with us. We need to get out too. Brilliant work H, by you and them. SB
Christoph Hitz April 7, 2009
I'm ready for my Hanoch Piven workshop! It looks like a lot of fun.
Leo Espinosa April 7, 2009
PIVEN-DRAWGER workshop, PIVEN-DRAWGER workshop!!! (ese mosquito está buenísimo)
Andy Ward April 7, 2009
I love the use of the wire to draw out the lions mane, fantastic. Mosquito is my favourite here though. Bravo Maestro.
Paul Rogers April 7, 2009
Wonderful, Hanoch. It's clear that you were an inspirational visitor.
Hanoch Piven April 7, 2009
A Drawger workshop would be too crazy to handle, but then again perhaps in Edel's pool? The happy (and sad for me) truth is that you don't need me for a workshop. Just empty the old drawers with the junk.
Drew Friedman April 7, 2009
What a great post!
Yuko Shimizu April 7, 2009
This is just fantastic! I want the panda bear!
Victor Juhasz April 7, 2009
Wow, these are such great fun to look at, and so creative. Love the dead mosquito. Thanks for sharing the images.
marina April 8, 2009
What a wonderful creations! Very inspiring! Love them!
Itzik Rennert April 8, 2009
It was an amazing week and all my students fell in love with you ! Thanks!
Zina Saunders April 8, 2009
It looks like a fantastic workshop, Hanoch.
Walter Vasconcelos April 8, 2009
Nice post and very creative ! The dead mosquito is my favorite too.
David Heatley April 10, 2009
Nice work. It takes a good teacher to elicit such inspired, joyful art.