Hanoch Piven
What Cats are Made of
posted: March 5, 2009
My friend Nick who was a book editor in London in the eighties told me once that in those days, there was a joke saying that since three very popular themes for books were: Cats, Blacks and Lesbians, book editors wanted to make a book about a lesbian black cat in order to score a bestseller.
Nick told me this when he found out I was working on a book about cats, accusing me of trying to make a buck... MOI?? (Well I do have a black cat on the cover... but he is very private about his life)
So What Cats are Made of is finally out. (I finished it a year and a half ago!!) It presents different breeds of cats underscoring the special traits of each one of them.  (Did you know that the Savannah cat loves to play in water?)
It also has some interesting feline facts I didn't know before. (that is until my great editor Ginee Seo told me) It was great fun working with Ginee and with the big wonderful lady, Art Director Ann Bobcush. 
5 Feline Facts YOU didn't know!
1-Cats don't have a collarbone.
2-Cats cannot taste sugary foods.
3-A cat night vision is about six times better than a human's.
4-Cats have thirty two muscles which control the outer ear. (humans have 6)
5-A domestic cat can sprint 31 miles per hour
        Oh and Nick left the editorial world long time ago, moved to Spain and is a great outdoors walking tours guide.
The Persian Cat. (is made out of Glamour)
The Savannah (my daughter Ana made the swimsuit) is made out of Guts.
The Siberian (a great hunter, is made out of Toughness)
The Sphynx, a breed that does not have any hair. (and finds it hard to keep his body temperature)
laura t. March 5, 2009
oohh how adorably cute!!!! i love the little persian's cat-eye shades with the rhinestones and everything :) siberian kitty also cracks me up. congrats hanoch!! :)
Steve B March 5, 2009
Fabulous use of fabric and sewing (?) on these. Thematically different eh? I think it's a new thing and is perfectly suited for the job. Best of luck with this very charming project. And kudos to Ana for that cute swimsuit!
Hanoch Piven March 5, 2009
Thank Laura T. You know Steve, I guess the good part of not having an idea of what I'm doing, is that it always allows me to try new things. This was a different kind of project and I decided to have fun with it and play a bit with fabric, since fur and hair is such an important part of the story. And once you choose materials they sort of dictate a direction.
Leo Espinosa March 5, 2009
What a book! The Sphynx and the combs crack me up (first time I saw one of these I thought, man, that's a weird looking chigugua :+)
Drew Friedman March 8, 2009
So great! Makes me wanna get a cat again. You da man!
Edel Rodriguez March 8, 2009
looking forward to getting a copy because cats (and hanoch) are very popular around here!