Hanoch Piven
Get Cooking!
posted: February 24, 2009
Very very happy to be posting this.
After having being a painter, a comic artist, an 'official' Hells Angels Choppers' gas tank decorator, a hat maker, a graphic designer, a furniture maker, a muse, a dessert maker ... and (on top of all that) in the last 12 years, my dear wife, Janet Stein's first book This Little Bunny Can Bake will be released at the beginning of March.
The developing of the book was the result of Janet's 2 year studies in Espai Sucre, a Dessert Restaurant and School in Barcelona run by Chef Jordi Butron.
The great (and wonderful to work with) people at Random House's Schwartz and Wade saw a dummy which Janet had prepared to take to the Bologna Book Fair and decided to gamble on the yet unpublished author.
The endpapers feature recipes for fun stuff like Chocolate Salami and Frozen Banana Pops which Janet adapted and we of course tasted at home to keep the standards high.
We are all very excited in here!
Here are some early reviews for the book, followed by some inside illustrations:
 "Top chefs of all ages will enjoy this romp through Chef George’s School of Dessertology ... Stein’s brush-and-ink illustrations are spiritedly funny and inviting despite Chef George’s daunting owl-scowl. ... Get cooking! " (Kirkus)
"Charming grayscale brush-and-ink illustrations with a retro feel ... Endpapers display recipes for easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly desserts with a touch of sophistication." (Booklist Reviews)
Marc February 24, 2009
Congratulations Janet! Hanoch, I recall you telling us about this last fall, and how excited you were. Looks like a wonderful book.
laura tallardy February 24, 2009
looks great!!! congrats to the missus, hanoch- looks like a fabulous book! i love the little critters cutting each other out. Hells Angels gas tank decorator?? does she still do commissions??? i have a very undecorated bike that needs some pink and purple flames ;)
Leo Espinosa February 24, 2009
Holy Panellets! These illustrations are absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations, Janet; I can't wait to get my paws on such a yummy book. Bon Profit!
Steve Brodner February 24, 2009
Happy day! This is a gem. Janet, we see is the genius of the family. Much good luck with this beauty. These pieces are in the wonderful tradition of wise, sophisticated art books for kids. Knowing how smart they are! Hoping this goes right to the top. S
Hanoch Piven February 24, 2009
Thanks Marc! Laura do you really have a chopper? Leo I love your insider use of Catalan! Steve you got it right...
Stephen Kroninger February 24, 2009
Congratulations, Janet! Anne Schwartz is a dream to work with. Here's to great success!
Laura Levine February 24, 2009
Yay Janet! This looks superb. I love the drawing of the cookie cutter cut-outs - fantastic! (The dog's expression is priceless). The whole book has the look of 1940s New Yorker cartoons, which is meant as a huge compliment btw. Hey, you didn't mention her career as a famous photographer's model!
David Heatley February 24, 2009
This looks absolutely great. Gonna get me one for the kiddies for sure.
Drew Friedman February 24, 2009
The two of you kids, so talented! My head's gonna explode!
Joe Ciardiello February 24, 2009
Looks like a fun book. Congrats to Janet.
Christoph Hitz February 24, 2009
I would love to add this book to my cook book collection, please follow up with an ISBN number. Congratulations Janet!
Cathie Bleck February 24, 2009
Janet-this book is one of the most clever I have seen in a while-so smart and funny and sophisticated! Bravo-let us all know when we can buy a copy or 2.
Janet Stein February 25, 2009
Thank you all for your appreciative comments!! I'm flaberggasted to receive so many compliments from so many talented artists!
Genevieve Momma - Wehry February 25, 2009
The illustrations are Fresh, Funny, Fabulously Fantastic, Fuzzy, Frosty & inFormative for Foodies! Send us all your ISBN number soon!
Bob Staake February 25, 2009
janet, this is just a deeeeeeelight! a visual feast!
Edel Rodriguez February 25, 2009
Congratulations Janet! The drawings look lovely, like the mix of grey, black and red. Looking forward to getting a copy, baking is a really big thing with the family over here.
oriol March 16, 2009
WOOOWWW!!!!!! Absolutelly amazing illustrations!! Congratulations, Janet for these really charming works. Best regards from Max, AdriÓ, S˛nia and me!!