Hanoch Piven
Woody Allen for Esquire UK
posted: February 18, 2009
I have always had a difficult time doing a portrait of a person which I feel I have previously 'done' (a portrait of) well.
 Such is the case with Woody Allen. I felt that the portrait I created in 1995 captured pretty much the essence of Woody Allen, the Icon. The portrait, originally created for Haaretz, Israel, appeared later on in many other publications, was the cover of a Society of Illustrators Annual and the back cover of my monograph in Israel.
So when David McKendrick at Esquire UK asked me to try a new Woody, I was very reluctant at first, feeling I have done exactly what I wanted in the old portrait and wouldn't be able to come up with a different view.
So in order to make it easier on myself I decided not to strive for any 'larger than life Iconic view of Woody' (whatever that is)  but to show the current, older Woody and be more topical dealing with the context the article was talking about: Woody's new European film opening in London, and how he has quit NYC as the preferred setting for his movies.
While I swear I tried many other options for the nose, I couldn't help but re-use a banana. There is not a better nose for Woody. Its scientific.
A detail...
The old Woody Allen from 1995....
andy ward February 18, 2009
you worry too much Hanoch, it's a fine, fine sequel. looking forward to part 3 in 2023.
David Flaherty February 18, 2009
Woodman made it harder to draw him when he dumped his black glasses. Hey! his banana is shrinking!
Tim OBrien February 18, 2009
Great new version. I have to agree though about the difficulty of doing a portrait over and over.
laura tallardy February 18, 2009
looks great hanoch!! personally my favorite part of these pieces is the brushwork- i love seeing the white peeking through the hair on the original, and his little tiny body on the new one. nice work :)
Drew Friedman February 18, 2009
I also loved the older version and the new. Woody's face get's more interesting to draw as he gets older. It's become elongated and is usually deadly serious, almost angry. Lighten up, Woodman!
Steve B February 18, 2009
HP: That old piece is a classic. It's good to not worry and just go ahead. Besides he's now in his 70's and different. This piece gets at that. Very well done. I remember Hirschfeld drawing the old Sinatra. Al couldn't get the young one out of his mind. And it didn't help the drawing. Not that he wasn't perfect, you know.
Hanoch Piven February 19, 2009
Thanks guys and Lauras. Andy werent you coming to BCN? Tim you are still doing new great Obamas though! Drew I agree about his face. So much expression there. Probably his realization that he can sometimes be mediocre too. yes Flaherty the banana is shrinking..in many ways. SB promise me to have sixty more years of this just as old Al had! And Laura thanks. It is one of my favorites parts as well if I might say.
J.D. King February 19, 2009
It's "a" banana, not "the" banana! Legit! You've captured today's Woody Allen.
Robert Saunders February 20, 2009
I dunno how you do it, but you do!
barry Blitt February 20, 2009
Hanoch - I know you count on me to be blunt and honest, and I'm sure you know in your heart that the earlier Woody is vastly superior [just like in real life]. Maybe that's what you were trying to say in your art [or something].
Hanoch Piven February 21, 2009
Thank you Barry I will always count on you for that task.