Hanoch Piven
Radio Gaga
posted: February 9, 2009
Even a little doggy?...
ok this is WAY toooo much.
the tanks, the misiles, the troops,
people carrying signs claiming: "we are the best",
a little doggy,
all parading in front of my illustration

thank you thank you but I feel it got a little bit carried away.
Its a tiny bit too much..

could it be it is not really about.....MOI?

Zina Saunders February 9, 2009
Of course it's about you, Hanoch! And deservedly so!
Leo Espinosa February 9, 2009
didn't I say you are not longer an illustrator? I felt short calling you "a movement"; An "era in the history of art" is more like it. He, he, I'm freaking you out! Don't fret, we'll remove a couple of missiles and a tank if that makes you more comfortable.
Brian Stauffer February 9, 2009
What it IS is a perfect example of a Creative Ad team partnering with the right artist for a totally unexpected solution. Advertising AD's need to look and learn form this great example. Congratulations.
Hanoch Piven February 9, 2009
Stauffer I think you are almost right it is partnering with the IMAGE. trying to understand their train of thought I assume Kim Jong Il sent them on the parade row.. no idea where the doggy comes from.. and Leo take a couple of horses out too..please.
Harry February 9, 2009
I actually love those little people and cars etc, especially the top piece with the open car pulling your great art. Couldn't be any more about Vous!!---or would that be tous?
J.D. King February 9, 2009
You are the dictator illustrator!
Yuko Shimizu February 9, 2009
Love it. Genius.