Hanoch Piven
Do it Yourself Strauss
posted: February 4, 2009
Strauss created an online game where you can create digital collages using  Strauss products.
It is in Hebrew so I assume only the Hebrew speaking will be able to navigate through it but here it is.
It is fun to see what people are doing. (Is this the end of my career?)
Winners get a vacation in Eilat, Israel. (no bombs fall there)

Eric Braddock February 4, 2009
That's really exciting! It's so interesting to have such a way of working that others can so easily pick up and try out on their own. The fact that there's an online game of it seems really fun, I'm sure people are going to go crazy over it.
Leo Espinosa February 4, 2009
Sorry but you are not longer an illustrator, you are a movement, Hanoch! PS: I would learn Hebrew, play with food, anything for a vacation in a warm and sunny place. I'm sick of winters :-(
Stephen Kroninger February 4, 2009
That's a lot of fun, Hanoch.
Drew Friedman February 4, 2009
Hanoch, Were all doomed... I got your book and it's wonderful. I've been savoring it and enjoying seeing pieces I remembered and being astonished by new ones. I still remember Howard Stern on the air, having just been handed the EW "Power Issue", clearly shaken, saying "They gave me a PICKLE for a nose!?"
Hanoch Piven February 4, 2009
Erik I dont know if people are going crazy but there is a lot of traffic there. A movement of what exactly Leo...? thnks Kron. that is funny Drew I also remember listening to that Howard Stern program. A couple of days later Bababoey called me to ask permission to use it in Stern's book...for free.
Drew Friedman February 4, 2009
Right, I remember that was included. One thing I like about Howard is the more unflattering you draw him, the more he likes it. He recently asked me to do character designs of himself as a teenager and his family for a planned animated TV show about his teenage years (that finally didn't happen). He kept encouraging me to make him as disgusting as possible, going full tilt with his huge nose, acne, etc. I'll post my drawings at some point.
Hanoch Piven February 4, 2009
Actually it WASNT included. At that point I was all cocky and said: "No way if they don't pay me...." Yeah! I really taught Howard a lesson! But now I remember your drawings were all over the book, right? I have it somewhere in the studio. (BTW my family claims I look like one of the Jewish comedians in your book which we have some samples of printed in Blab)
Drew Friedman February 4, 2009
Jeez, I somehow thought it was included but I haven't looked at it in years. Howard was always generous but Simon & Schuster was cheap. They didn't even send me the goddamn books! I'll be sure to include you in the 9th sequel, 35 years from now: "Believe it or not, yet again, even More Old Jewish comedians". Sound good? .
Leo Espinosa February 5, 2009
A movement as in a lot of people following your artistic lead. But I like to see it more like a movement of little thingies on a flat surface in order to create a picture :D