Hanoch Piven
January 20th 2009
posted: January 20, 2009
Celebrating today.
I think most of us illustrators have been doing Obamas right and left. This was an assignment from David McKendrick at Esquire UK. Every month they do a second limited edition cover for the subscribers. So while their main cover had a photograph of Obama, this other one was just pure illustration. No type added.
Hopefully Obama will deliver and hopefully not only to the US but to the whole world.
Good Luck!!

Leo Espinosa January 20, 2009
Qué maravilla, Pibe!
Steve Brodner January 20, 2009
Hanoch: This is especially wonderful. I love the lamp. Very inspired. What a great day! Happy New World.
David Goldin January 20, 2009
Great job Hanoch. I once plucked my eyebrows to look like that. Ouch!
Dale Stephanos January 20, 2009
Hanoch, I love it!
Drew Friedman January 20, 2009
Your work is always so much fun to stare at. When is there going to be a Hanoch Piven collection? Or have I missed something?
Drew Friedman January 20, 2009
Thanks! I'm already on Amazon.
Hanoch Piven January 21, 2009
Thanks guys. Goldin try using a machine next time... Drew, as Stephen said (thanks Kron) there is a book out, but you already know that now...
TURCIOS January 21, 2009
Paul Rogers January 21, 2009
Bravo!, wait a minute, . . .Chiclets?
Hanoch Piven January 21, 2009
Yes, partly chiclets, for now at least. Time to see the substance now. (I remind you it was done for the UK ;) )
zozo February 3, 2009
aren't the chiclets needed to remove the cigarette odour?