Hanoch Piven
Postcard from Paris
posted: December 30, 2008
Ok all you Master Illustrators, who can paint a portrait of Che Guevarra
like this guy did, standing behind the canvas and blindfolded?
seen yesterday in front of the Pompidou Center.
barry blitt December 30, 2008
Unfortunately, he was trying to draw Bella Abzug.
Leo Espinosa December 30, 2008
This guy doesn't get it. While in Paris one is supposed to have his/her eyes wide open. No wonder he's drawing what he's drawing, the poor thing.
Brian Stauffer December 30, 2008
How ironic that he would be blindfolded. I think many of Che's friends wore them the very last time they saw him.
Eric Braddock December 30, 2008
I did this last week actually. ;) Kidding. That's insane. Interesting sight indeed.
Impressive! December 30, 2008
I betcha this is right outside the Pompidou. Last time I was there my family and I were running for shelter from the downpour, though had time for the kids to chuckle at the squirting nipples in the sculpture pool.
harry December 30, 2008
Oh Duh, didn't see that you clearly stated that this was indeed outside the Pompidou. I was guessing by the white supports. Need to scroll. Hoping your having a lovely time in Paris-jealous.:(
Steve B December 31, 2008
Hanoch: The guy's on deadline. What's the big deal? Viva La France. PS: Saw Waltz with Bashir tonight. What genius! It's a new day, sorta. Thanks for the head's up. Happy New Year. Have a grape on me. Steve
Hanoch Piven December 31, 2008
ohh Waltz With Bashir, I hope everybody gets to see it..