Hanoch Piven
the daily Strauss
posted: December 17, 2008
Hey suddenly I have almost enough material for a daily post! here's another Strauss
Marc December 17, 2008
Another wonderful piece!
Tim OBrien December 17, 2008
Bravo Hanoch!
Edel Rodriguez December 17, 2008
I like the part where you take the bite off the piece that makes up the ear. Details like that add life to the whole thing.
David Heatley December 17, 2008
I love your work still, but MAN do I love it in video form too. Great stuff.
Nishan Akgulian December 18, 2008
Hanoch, as much I enjoy your artwork on its own, it's really fun to watch them in animation, to watch the image come together. Thanks for posting.
Steve Brodner December 19, 2008
I love the deftness. So casual and yet it flys together. Lovely H.
Leo Espinosa December 19, 2008
these are getting better by the minute, Pibe! Time to start thinking about a short film.
laura t. December 19, 2008
ohhh that's adorable!! i love it! cool video hanoch :)