Hanoch Piven
More Strauss
posted: December 15, 2008
Here's another one involving Humus 'Amazing what can be done out of the basic things in life' (says the Hebrew) Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Young & Rubicam Creative Director: Gideon Amichay Director: Rani Carmeli AD: Ayelet Chen Copy: Matan Yedidiah Still Photography: Adi Gilad
David Flaherty December 15, 2008
We are hypnotized by the Bush shoe video and will be for a few days Hanoch. Great stuff! Can you believe people actually pay you to have so much fun?
Edel Rodriguez December 15, 2008
Ah, the face flip, great closing, more!
Paul Rogers December 15, 2008
I love these. What about Louis playing Potato Head Blues, or Big Butter and Egg Man, or When You're Smilin' or ...
Shelley Noble December 15, 2008
Hugely creative and inspiring. Your work is wonderful.
Leo Espinosa December 15, 2008
clap, clap, clap!
Christoph Hitz December 15, 2008
Clearly your mother never told you not to play with your food. Her wise patience is finally paying off.
Rob Dunlavey December 15, 2008
These are very touching works. We need more advertising like this. It's humanizing. It's good to know that the concept was built around your work (not the other way around).
Adam McCauley December 15, 2008
One of the many things that's so great about these is that, like Steve Brodner's N.Yorker vids, we get to see your thinking in progress. Did you work with the writers on this, or did you effectively act as a writer as well? Amazing stuff, and so cool the agency has trusted you to work your magic.
Hanoch Piven December 16, 2008
Thanks everybody for the nice comments. Flaherty yes I can believe I'm paid to have fun cause it is not always fun! (it is MOSTLY fun) Adam there wasn't really much writing to do but I was present in most of the meetings as the concept of the movies was developing. The Ad Agency knew exactly what they were doing quite from the beginning. There was a searching period though for all of us. I feel for the first time I produced work which works specifically well within the Advertising world which is very different from the other worlds I am active in. And amongst the reasons for that I have to stress the presence of a Creative Director who understands your work and knows how to push it in the right direction on one hand but defends it when needed to keep the campaign in the right tone. I have worked with many CDs over the years but I haven't met many brilliant, wise and bold Creative Directors as Gideon Amichay. Anyway, back to work...