Hanoch Piven
Strauss Campaign
posted: December 14, 2008
During the last 5 months I have been working on a large Ad campaign in Israel for The Strauss Group. The campaign for which I have created 12 characters using their products is the new Brand Campaign for Strauss in Israel. It started half a year ago when Gideon Amichay, Partner and Creative Director at Y&R Israel, whom I have first met 20 years ago in Harvey Kurtzman's class in SVA, contacted me and asked me to create the campaign with them. The headline of the campaign is: 'Amazing what can be done out of the basic things in life' The next thing I knew on a hot summer morning in Israel a large truck parked in my sister's house (where I had set up a temporary studio in her basement) and a strong tanned man started to download boxes full of chocolate, candies, yogurts, more candy, doritos, coffee jars, cheeses, vegetables, humus and many other Strauss products. My nephews were of course very happy and I found myself hiding the chocolate from them so I could use it for my work. It was a long developing process which involved many people and was wisely led by Gideon until we arrived to the right balance which combined the multiple factors involved in a campaign like this. The campaign went up last week all over Israel on outdoor billboards and TV ads (directed by Rani Carmeli). Here's one of them TV ads. More to come.... 'Amazing what can be done out of the basic things in life' (says the Hebrew) Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay Young & Rubicam Creative Director: Gideon Amichay Director: Rani Carmeli AD: Ayelet Chen Copy: Matan Yedidiah Still Photography: Adi Gilad
Edel Rodriguez December 14, 2008
Hanoch, this is a wonderful progression for your work, it makes perfect sense. Great that the creative team went in this direction. Would be cool to see a campaign like this in the U.S.
Leo Espinosa December 14, 2008
Mazel tov, Hanoch! A beautiful and simple spot indeed! Glad to see your signature in there. When I worked as an AD in Advertising we always included the artist's credit, but it was a little shocking when I moved to NYC and realized that that's rarely done here in America (I wonder why?)
Joe Ciardiello December 14, 2008
Congratulations on the campaign Hanoch. I agree with Edel's comment, animation is such a logical progression for you. Great work.
Eric Braddock December 14, 2008
Congrats on the campaign! Such a great little video there, although 50 seconds isn't enough :) Your work is so great because it can be viewed as just finished results AND animated, ever-changing. It's like the possibilities are endless and your result is simply one of the routes you took at that given moment. Well done sir, thank you for sharing this.
Stephen Kroninger December 14, 2008
That's wonderful, Hanoch. Really great. Congratulations.
Mark Fisher December 14, 2008
Hanoch, very nice.
Marc December 14, 2008
I remember talking about this campaign with you a few months back—it looks great! Well done.
Edel Rodriguez December 14, 2008
Oh, and excellent hand acting! Pinky goes up at just the right moments!
Hanoch Piven December 15, 2008
Thanks guys. In a couple of days Ill be in Israel and I will photograph outdoor billboards and signs and post more. Leo re credit for the illustrator in ads, from my experience I'd say that you wouldn't see it in 90% of the cases. (but you will always see the credit for the Ad Agency...) Wonder where it comes from? Perhaps since so many times the illustrator is brought in after an idea has been approved? In this case the idea of my work IS the rational for the campaign so I think it makes sense to have my signature there. It also probably helped that Gideon Amichay, the Creative Director was an accomplished illustrator himself in the past.
Chris Buzelli December 15, 2008
Magical! Can't wait to see more. Congrats on such a perfect choice for their campaign.
Brian Stauffer December 15, 2008
Robert Saunders December 15, 2008
Great job, Hanoch. Do they run the ad with the English soundtrack in Israel? Louie is a great choice for your stuff.
Bob Staake December 15, 2008
i am smiling ear to ear over this one, hanoch -- my smile is a zucchini, my ears a pair of croissants. just delightful!
Brucie Rosch December 15, 2008
that is so awesome...
Steve Brodner December 15, 2008
Hanoch: Yummy and good. Beautifully done. Congrats!
Hanoch Piven December 15, 2008
answer to Robert: Yes! Louie is the music all around for all ads.
Paul Rogers December 15, 2008
What a wonderful combo, Hanoch and Pops! Bravo! Encore!
Nate Williams December 15, 2008
very cool .. I think it will inspire kids to play with their food as well
felix Sockwell December 15, 2008
awesome. nice job piven!
John Dykes December 15, 2008
Hanoch - congrats on a great campaign.... MaGiCaL!!
Adam McCauley December 15, 2008
Awww man this is great!!! Congrats Hanoch, may it continue and grow.