Hanoch Piven
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posted: December 3, 2008
Hey Kids
Look now they can be embedded too! Hooray for TV3 of Catalonia! There is a way to watch my chapters of Una Ma de Contes online:
I cannot embed them here but if you want to watch some (there will be 20 by the end of the month) here's the link to the chapters I have worked on during the last year and posted about before.
They are in Catalan but for those who don't understand it, I think they work visually even without text.

Leo Espinosa December 3, 2008
molt guay!
Linzie Hunter December 3, 2008
Just watched the first one -- can't wait to see them all... they're brilliant!
Hanoch Piven December 4, 2008
Hey thanks Linzie! (y a ti Leoncito tambien!)
Eric Braddock December 4, 2008
Hanoch, I just watched one of them, looks like a lot of fun. :) Just wish I could understand what was being narrated, haha
Christoph Hitz December 4, 2008
Hanoch, I watched all of them before breakfast, what a delicious tread. The eclectic sound effects and music combined with great story telling voices add to the outstanding animation. Wonderful work that will mesmerize kids and adults. Start writing the award acceptance speech.