Hanoch Piven
Una Ma de Contes
posted: November 22, 2008
(This one is 'Local News')
On Monday the new season of Una Ma De Contes, (a Handful of Stories) will start airing in Barcelona on K3 TVCat.  Every day at 17:40.
Last year I had a first opportunity to work on one chapter of this award winning series (Premio Nacional de Cultura), created by Manuel Barrios, which consists of different artists illustrating a story on camera.
For this new season, with a team that included Barrios, writer Victoria Bermejo, Xavi Gascon, Meritxell Manyoses, Esther Lupresti and Darina Milan we created 20 original 7 minutes stories, which emerged out of the essence of different objects, or of object-made characters. 'Found Music' musicians Cabo San Roque created great original music.
It was a dream project for me in the sense that we reverted the process, the visuals dictated the story, in other words we let them objects guide us.  While it was needless to say A LOT of fun, at times it made me understand the whole Dadaist and Surrealist movements in a second.  (clue: things didn't always made sense) 
Here are links to watch some online (in Catalan of course):