Hanoch Piven
A book came from Texas
posted: November 8, 2008
I have been deeply immersed in a huge work project but followed from afar up with excitement how Drawger dealt with the US Elections.
Things piled up meantime:
I received a package from the LEAP students of Lakeland Elementary in Lewisville, Texas with a beautiful book called: What LEAP Students are Made of.
There are so many nice portraits in it. Here are just a few pages randomly chosen.
Thank you so much teacher Kara Sneed and to the gifted and beautiful Leap students.
Such a gorgeous present to get.
Tim OBrien November 8, 2008
Really wonderful Hanoch. You are really touching people's lives.
Steve Brodner November 8, 2008
HP: Art of, by and for the People. This is brilliant in execution as well as philosophy. In keeping with the new Earth and our new era. Here's to you, my friend and the intense beauty you are discovering and bringing to these kids and to us. SB
Marc November 8, 2008
Nice work, Hanoch! Looks like they got alot out of your visitócome back to Texas soon.
Rob Dunlavey November 8, 2008
This is very important work Hanoch! You help kids speak up and out.
Chris Buzelli November 8, 2008
Such an awesome project. The quote "I'm made of silence" from Geovany is really touching.
Stephen Kroninger November 8, 2008
Kid's are the best. This is a treasure.
barry blitt November 8, 2008
H - I don't particularly like children, but these are cool. B
Nancy Stahl November 9, 2008
That one line stood out for me, too, Chris... "I am always made of silence." Their work is touching also. Not that I'm a flag-waver, but the mouth made out of the two flags is so sweet. You've obviously meant a lot to the kids you visit for them to come up with such great images.
Hanoch Piven November 9, 2008
Actually these aren't kids I have met. Funny enough it came from another school in Texas, not the ones I visited. And they did it around the same time I was in Texas, basing it on my book 'What Presidents are Made of'
Bob Staake November 10, 2008
just the best, hanoch -- you're a true inspiration!
Zina Saunders November 10, 2008
How wonderful it must feel to be such an inspiration to budding artists all over the world, Hanoch!