Hanoch Piven
Pictures from an Exhibition
posted: September 15, 2008
My friend Mary Jo Berger took some great pictures from the Politics 08 opening. Here are some
Bill Koeb September 15, 2008
Awesome work and inspiring exhibition. I wish I could make it up to the show. That wall of your portraits looks like a treat for the senses and the show is a testament to the need for the work that you and other artists do in the political arena. It's like seeing a group of modern day Goyas. Bill
Pjb Flynn September 15, 2008
Berger's pictures are wonderful to see. Love the juxtapositioning of Burke's mythic caricatures against the scrumptious crowd of east coast illustrati. Wish I could have been there but these were great to see. Thank you for sharing.
Rob Dunlavey September 15, 2008
Thanks for posting these Hanoch. Some of them are very clever. Mary Jo Berger has a great eye for figures and composition!
David Flaherty September 15, 2008
Show looks great. Edel looks like Ricky Martin! Kroninger looks like he's been working out! Burke rocks! Any pictures of the crazy person? When does the show run to?
John Hendrix September 15, 2008
This show looks like it was great... each person got about 5 images to show?
Stephen Kroninger September 15, 2008
Since I'm only a small part of the exhibit I hope I'm not being too immodest in saying that Edel did a terrific job in selecting the art.
Eric Braddock September 15, 2008
This show was fantastic. It was such a great time, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello, Hanoch. I will keep a look out for the next time you will be visiting or lecturing and I'll be sure to introduce myself! Thanks for posting this, easily a great way to kick off the fall. Cheers!
Fernanda Cohen September 15, 2008
Hanoch, Thanks for posting these, even though it's not the same as having been there, it's as close as I can get at this point. Minneapolis treated me very well in the meantime, and MCAD- where I was lecturing- is indeed a very impressive arts college, with an amazing faculty, including Tom Garrett, the illustration chairman. Hope we can get together next time you're in NY, or I'm in Barcelona, or we're both in BA, Uruguay or Israel.