Hanoch Piven
Postcard from Long Island City
posted: September 13, 2008
One of the atendees in the workshop I gave at Materials For The Arts in Long Island City
(that amazing place deserves its own post)
was a young 4 year old girl named Sofia Rodriguez.
She made this beautiful pig jumping rope
I think she called her Olivia
Paul Rogers September 13, 2008
Is that Sarah Palin? Young Sofia must be an Obama supporter. Hanoch, does your tour take you thru LA?
Steve Brodner September 13, 2008
This is really really good . . . Sofia, kudos!!!
Edel Rodriguez September 15, 2008
We had a lot of fun Hanoch, thanks for putting up the piggy up here. We're going to frame it! Actually, Sofia kept hearing "lipstick on a pig" on the news and thought they were talking about Olivia the pig on the news. So she was inspired to create this beauty by the week's news! I highly recommend Hanoch's workshops, lots of fun for the whole family.