Hanoch Piven
Postcard from NY 1
posted: September 11, 2008
The famous door on East 63rd street.
Come in and see the show....
So I arrived to NY and being jet-lagged at 3 am allows for time to blog...
I'm going to be in the US for 2 and a half weeks giving talks and workshops in many different places, and I will try to post one picture a day.
Almost straight from the airport I went to the Society of Illustrators of NY to give my talk. It was a lot of fun. It had a very special meaning for me to be lecturing in that building and institution which I first visited 20 years ago as a student, and to have in the crowd many people who played an instrumental part in my growth as an illustrator/artist/human being/whatever.
As I said there, I feel like my professional development is so much a NY product and my professional guild is here.
The Politics 08 show looks just amazing and I hope to see many Drawger (and non Drawger) faces Friday at the opening.
Steve Brodner September 11, 2008
A great night Hanoch. We were all amazed at the depth and power of your work, the impact it has had in the world and the great gift you have for people. Congrats, my friend and good luck on the tour. BTW: great show up now. PS: Randy's work is a revelation! See you Fri night.
Eric Braddock September 13, 2008
Hanoch, Just wanted to tell you how fantastic I think your work is. I was at the Society opening last night and it was truly a pleasure getting to see your work up, especially the actual piece of Hilary that was in the show. Truly genius, sir. I hope you had a good time and have a good trip while here. Take care
Hanoch Piven September 14, 2008
thank you Eric. pity you didn't say hi in person.