Hanoch Piven
The Road Not Taken
posted: September 5, 2008
Im getting ready and excited about my USA trip.
Preparing my talk for next Wednesday at The Society of Illustrators I came upon this portrait which together with Nancy Stahl's post reminded me of my days in NY in which I was quite addicted to watching the US Open and even got to go a couple of times to watch matches live, including one of the last Jimmy Connors years in the circuit. This is the late eighties. When Connors was keeping the fans up the whole night and Andre Agassi suddenly arrived out of nowhere with his denim shorts.

In 1988, my first year in school (SVA) I took the mythological caricature class of Sam Viviano and for one of the assignments I made this caricature of Jimbo, my hero at the time. These were my days of searching and I guess, of (unsuccesfully) copying other styles.
This was probably one of my last pen and in caricatures.
18 years later for my book What Athletes are Made of, I got to make a portrait of Agassi circa 1988 as well. This time more in my regular method of work..
Here are both portraits.

Come on Wednesday at 6:30 to the Society of Illustrators and I'll tell'ya more.
(and don't forget you have to come back Friday night for the Politics 08 Opening!)
Laura Levine September 5, 2008
So cool, Hanoch! I hope your talk is a great success! (I know it will be).
Nancy Stahl September 5, 2008
Oh, Vegas Agassi looks great..! Fun to see your early work. That face on Connor's racquet looks a little big for the T-2000...! Can we just show up at the Society or are reservations necessary, if you know?
Hanoch Piven September 6, 2008
Nancy I think you can just show up. (show you Drawger ID and you will be escorted to the VIP area ;) Laura thanks!!
barry blitt September 6, 2008
Piv, Nice Agassi. I now realize I could fashion a toupee out of tinsel and maybe restore a little of my old self-confidence. Thanks! Nice to see the early Connors drawing also. Do you have some old report cards or prom photos you could show us as well? [ok, that's all the sarcasm I've got right now]
Hanoch Piven September 6, 2008
Bblitt what are you doing up so early? go back to sleep!
Larry McEntire September 6, 2008
Looking forward to seeing you in Houston.
Fernanda Cohen September 6, 2008
Hanoch, I won't make the opening (and your talk) at the Society. Damn, I hate myself for it....I'm leaving that Wednesday morning to speak at MCAD (AKA Minneapolis College of Art and Design). We should have live broadcasting and have you there and me here, right?! Sort of a long-distance panel.... Te quiero ver igual, hasta cuando te quedas en NY? I'm back on Sunday 9/14. (FYI, non Spanish speakers, I just typed some very dirty words above...) Loooved the Agassi circa 1988...
Hanoch Piven September 7, 2008
Fer our relationship will have to remain unconsummated... Larry looking forward to! Houston is still 15 talks away...