Hanoch Piven
Brodner in Tel Aviv
posted: August 21, 2008
So it turns out that besides having my aunts fall in love with him, Steve Brodner made a big splash in Tel Aviv to the point that he suddenly appeared on a Tel Aviv wall drinking a Corona painted by the well known graffiti painter Rami Meiri.
(and it doesn't matter that painting was done 10 years ago - I guess he knew Steve was coming)
Steve Brodner August 21, 2008
Clearly it was done when I had more hair. Thanks Hanoch for all the guidance and generosity. Now you tell me about your aunts. Why didn't I get their phone numbers?!!
Bill Koeb August 21, 2008
Cathleen Toelke August 21, 2008
The real truths about this trip come out.