Hanoch Piven
Lecture at The Society of Illustrators of New York
posted: August 18, 2008
Here's another event involving a Drawgerian to add to the already busy september schedule.

On Wednesday, September 10 I will give a talk at the Society of Illustrators of NY.
Even though it is unrelated to it, the talk will take place 2 days before the opening of the Politics 08 Show curated by the handsome Edel Rodriguez, which I'm so happy to be in.
That opening is on Friday the 12th.
(That same evening by the way, Leo Espinosa's show opens in Boston)

I will soon post about more workshops I will be doing in the USA during September.
Meanwhile here's the formal invitation to the SOI Talk.
David Flaherty August 18, 2008
What foods should we bring?
Brian Stauffer August 18, 2008
I 'm so sorry to miss this wonderful opportunity. I'll be up for the Election show a couple days later but am not able to make it up any earlier. Please request that they video it so we can view it online. btw- In your bio I noticed that you were born in Uruguay. One of my best friends grew-up in Montevideo. He lives in LA now but pines for a return to his homeland. Very progressive community.
Hanoch Piven August 18, 2008
Flaherty bring anything that hot glue sticks to. Not bacon Brian yes I was born in Uruguay but left pretty early for Israel. But part of me is still South American I guess. It will be nice to meet you at the Politics 08 show!
laura t. August 19, 2008
neato!! i will def try and stop by :)
Hanoch Piven August 20, 2008
Laura 'neato' if you make it! I'll get to meet you.
Tim OBrien August 20, 2008
Bringing Cassius to this one.
Hanoch Piven August 21, 2008
Definitely Tim. Its for all ages!
Steve Brodner August 22, 2008
HP: See you there. Not to be missed for sure. And when's the workshop in Queens?
Stephen Kroninger August 22, 2008
Will you be doing a workshop with this?
Hanoch Piven August 22, 2008
Hi Steve and Stephen I am doing a workshop the following day at Materials for the Arts, see next post. Thursday at 10AM
Tim OBrien September 11, 2008
I took Cassius to see Hanoch's lecture. We LOVED it. I loved the way Steve Brodner introduced him...basically as a student. Hanoch was very revealing in that he showed his early work and how he switched out of illustration at SVA but kept working and LOOKING. A cut paper poster for the great Dictator starring Chaplin sparked an idea that altered his work immediately. I was impressed and wished all my new students could have heard and seen it. Cassius sat and laughed at every image. After the talk we took Cash to Sushi and he started making faces out of his food. Hanoch makes the world better. Forgive me for adding some pictures....old Zimm powers rarely used....
Hanoch Piven September 11, 2008
Tim thanks for posting these. It was so great to see you with the beautiful family there sitting in the first row. So glad Cassius was there enjoying it. See you tomorrow again!