Hanoch Piven
Move over Blitt?
posted: July 25, 2008
"Hussein - you got confused"...
Funny caricature in Haaretz today by Daniela
The caption says: "Hussein - you got confused!"
...and Maariv published the note Obama put in The Wall on its first page.
(no translation needed here..)...
Andy Ward July 25, 2008
an instrument of your will? that would be a trumpet then and there are a lot of people out there blowing it for him. Did you catch the images of his reception in Berlin yesterday? TOOT! TOOT!
Rob Dunlavey July 25, 2008
Is it cool to reprint notes left in the Wall?
Hanoch Piven July 25, 2008
..Is it cool to reprint notes left in the Wall?.. probably not Rob.. but let me assume Obama imagined this was going to end up published..
Rob Dunlavey July 26, 2008
I think that's a pretty good assumption! I'm sure many people have speculated what a real private Obama prayer might say...!