Hanoch Piven
Ron Arad
posted: July 11, 2008
Ron Arad,  one of so many sad stories in the Middle East,
is the subject of my column in the Israeli paper Maariv this weekend.

Arad (not to be confused with Ron Arad, Industrial Designer who shares the same name) is an icon in Israel after being 'missing in action' since 1987 (when his airplane  was shot down in Lebanon during an attack mission against the PLO)
Captured by the Shiite Militia Al Amal in 1986, he was seen in captivity and letters from him arrived in 1987.
Nothing is known from him ever since.
This week a written report by the Hezbollah was given to Israel in which apparently it is stated that, according to the Hezbollah, Arad is dead.
Writer and "all around player" Ofer Shelach wrote a moving piece which accompanied the portrait.

This is one of the few portraits I have ever made in which no color tubes were opened.
A detail...
Some of my working reference....
Rob Dunlavey July 11, 2008
Lots of matches Hanoch. I bet that took some time to light them all and let them burn down. They send a powerful mixed symbolic message: danger, destruction, dashed hopes of candles in windows burning, hoping. Lots of meditative time …and it shows. There's Politics and there's Life and there are too many Ron Arad's in between.
Andy Ward July 11, 2008
A very sensitive and haunting image Piven. The way you've rendered him faceless, anonymous, yet at the same time a portrait.. just as rob says above.. too many Ron Arad's in between. Great piece.
Hanoch Piven July 11, 2008
Thanks guys. yes lots of matches. I think a totally burnt match beyond the feeling of hopelessness it suggest is amazingly light in weight and this whole portrait dissapeared with a slight movement of the paper.
Michael Golan July 14, 2008
Excellent work. Really one of your best.
Edel Rodriguez July 15, 2008
Beautiful work Hanoch. The drawn background works very well with the matches. One of your best (I say that all the time).