Hanoch Piven
Looking for faces in Barcelona
posted: July 6, 2008
In the last 5 months I have been very busy working on a TV program that will air next year in TV3, Catalonian TV.
It is the basically the same program I wrote about last year, when I was asked to do one chapter.

This year with the great crew of Una Ma de Contes, ("A Handful of Stories"), a program created by Manuel Barrios, and the recipient
of the Catalonian National Cultural Prize, we created 20 chapters for next season.
Last week I finished my work on them. The last chapter involved a day trip of a girl in Barcelona looking for 'found faces'
So we did a little segment where the girl is photographing faces with her camera.
Fortunately the city is filled with them, for example this great house designed by a contemporary of Gaudi, Catalan Art Nouveau Architect Salvador Valeri i Pupurull.
Here are Xavi the Editor and this chapters' director, together with his niece Elena ('our girl'), Ricard the camera man and Meritxel, the director's assistant.
Zeroing in..

Hopefully in not too long a time I'll be able to post parts of the finished program.
barry blitt July 7, 2008
Looks like no one's biting on this one, Piv.
Hanoch Piven July 8, 2008
you know how it is Bblitt, you win some you lose some..