Hanoch Piven
posted: May 28, 2008
Recently I received a great assignment to make a portrait of Keith Richards for Spin Magazine. Since at SPIN they work well ahead of time it seems like this was ages ago.
Devin Pedzwater the AD took a very active role in suggesting elements to use and I thought he was right on with his suggestions!
So 'together' we ended up with this piece.
(While I don't really find myself smiling when ADs start telling me the objects they think I SHOULD use for my illustrations in this case it worked just fine!)
Here's a detail of the facial features.
J.D. King May 28, 2008
Hanoch, I think you're too kind here! For his face I would've used a very used catcher's mitt. THEN added a cig for the nose! :)
david flaherty May 28, 2008
Killer. Dead on!
Brian Stauffer May 28, 2008
the hair just nails it, instantly.
Leo Espinosa May 28, 2008
The snake, ha, ha. Funny I watched Pirates of The Caribbean last night and towards the end of the movie there's a shot of a captain and it happens to be KR. It's wild, the guy is in the film for less than three seconds. PS: I'm digging the self portrait up there, pibe.
Harry Campbell May 28, 2008
Hanoch, You're a good sport, I start to coil like a snake when AD's start dictating too much. It can at times work out really well, as it did here. There's been this great ad running in the Sunday NYT with him in a hotel room in NY, what a face.
Marc May 28, 2008
Great portrait, Hanoch! Devin is a good guy and an art director that gets illustration.
Cathleen Toelke May 28, 2008
The hair is perfect. At first I thought it was metal filings, but the tape is even better!