Hanoch Piven
Waltz With Bashir
posted: May 16, 2008
Waltz With Bashir is an animated Israeli film by Ari Folman recalling his memories from the 1982 War in Lebanon. It premiered yesterday in Cannes Festival and the few scenes that can be seen online, as well as the passion and talent involved, promise very very much. Illustrator David Polonsky is the film's Art Director and main Illustrator and Yoni Goodman is the Animation Director.
Asaf and Tomer Hanuka  also worked on the film as well as Michael Faust
Check it out.

Here Ari the director and the artists talk about their process.
Harry May 16, 2008
Wow, I have to see more.
Steve Brodner May 16, 2008
Hanoch: This is something revolutionary. Using computer for beautiful and gritty, non-fiction 2D animation. Do you know what program is used, how they do it? Thanks. Steve
Tim O\'Brien May 16, 2008
Wow, what a powerful story and visual.
Edel Rodriguez May 16, 2008
Wow, the trailers on the website are very powerful too, make sure to check them out. Congrats to everyone involved in the project. Can't wait to see it.
Nancy Stahl May 16, 2008
Thanks, Hanoch. The subject might have turned me away, but it looks to be a sincere attempt to explore contemporary war and the participants. The style is somewhat romantic, the story looks to be anything but.
Leo Espinosa May 16, 2008
Animation in other countries is used as a very powerful tool. I would only hope to see controversial content coming out of Hollywood one day instead of the classic 3D, good guy, bad guy, sidekick, repetitive stuff. Congrats to everyone involved in this movie, it looks terrific. Gracias, Janojillo.
Doug Fraser May 16, 2008
Inspiring to look at for any illustrator. Thanks!