Hanoch Piven
Garbage Mountain
posted: May 12, 2008
Hiriya is a famous garbage mountain near Tel Aviv. Since the fifties and up until its closure in 1998, Hiriya served as a landfill. Since then it has been transformed from a waste landfill into the largest environmental center in Israel. There are already several recycling systems functioning there as well as a great Education Center in which visitors learn about thinking green, making compost, recycing, re-using stuff, etc etc...

Here's an article the NY Times recently wrote about Hiriya

a n y w a y

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to conduct  workshops there using of course only their garbage.
This is probably the most ideal place ever (so far) for me to conduct a workshop. I added a new gallery about it.
Here are some pics below.
Here you can see the mountain behind the children gathering stuff....
Plenty of garbage for us to use.....
barrels filled with stuff...
The building is beautiful designed by Weinstein Vaadia Architects
and decorated by Brigitte Cartier. Check out the objects hanging and Brigitte's Website.
Brian Stauffer May 12, 2008
We have one in South Florida as well. In fact, it's the highest point of elevation, thus earning it the nickname of "Mt. Trashmore".
Hanoch Piven May 12, 2008
Brian thats a funny name..Trashmore..
Brian Stauffer May 12, 2008
I guess I posted early before you had added images from the event, wow, I can see why you have such a big smile on your face.
Christoph Hitz May 12, 2008
Hanoch, The photos of the kids with their creations says it all. There is gold in that garbage mountain. Great post.
Steve Brodner May 12, 2008
Hanoch: This is an amazing healing project. Healing the environment, educating kids and awakening art. 3 in 1. You are our great Mahatma. Let's see if you can do this is an environmentally backward country like . . . the US. If so, include me in. Congrats, Steve
Hanoch Piven May 12, 2008
I tell you if there is great stuff there are great creations. Steve you should ask to go see the garbage mountain when you're in Israel. (looking at my receding hairline I do feel like Gandhi hairwise..)