Hanoch Piven
Holy Moses
posted: April 19, 2008
Tonight is The Passover (Pesach) Seder.
Yesterday in my column in Maariv I made a portrait of Moses. No idea why he looks that way except that it seemed right to me.
Thank god the gefilte fish box didn't open in the suitcase..

A great text by Kobi Arieli accompanied it, whose point was a small and often unnoticed sentence in The Torah, mentioning a quality Moses possesed which leaders nowadays don't seem to have:

"Now, Moses himself was by far the meekest man on the face of the earth."
(Num 12-3)
Happy Passover.
Gefilte FIsh, Kneidlach(Matzoballs), Matzoh, the obvious materials for Moshe....
Leo Espinosa April 19, 2008
Happy Passover to you too, Hanoch. You killed me with Moses' mouth, ha ,ha. Not too kosher but NOTHING like matzah with dulce de leche.... yummmm!
Stephen Kroninger April 19, 2008
Hanoch, my kids love this! So do I.
Zina Saunders April 19, 2008
Great stuff. Happy Passover.
Mark Fisher April 19, 2008
Hanoch, a handcuff mouth= brilliant! Happy.
Gary Taxali April 19, 2008
Heh heh, sweet stuff mister! Happy Passover and hope to see you in June in Barcelona.
Steve Wacksman April 20, 2008
Good Pesach, Hanoch! Love this one- the beard of matzos brought a smile to my face.
Hanoch Piven April 20, 2008
thanks everybody for the comments! Leo I can't believe you have found out about Matzoh and Dulce de Leche! I thought it was only a Rio de la Plata thingy.
A.Richard Allen April 21, 2008
Nice stuff, Hanoch. Dig the self-portrait on your banner too. Happy Passover, man
Hanoch Piven April 21, 2008
David thanks for the Gefilte tutorial. Always good to know how to make it. and thanks Richard for noticing the self portrait. My way of dealing with my loss of hair...