Hanoch Piven
Mama I'm on the first page of the New York Times...
posted: April 6, 2008
Im in the middle of working on a TV series for Catalonian TV so this week I spend every afternoon and evening shooting, and in the middle of it all, a call from  Aviva Michaelov from the NY Times Week Review with a job to do a portrait of General David Petraeus.
Only problem, it is due in 36 hours. Other problem: 20 of these 36 I'm busy working.
Somehow the job was done, and it was even a bit of fun and I got to go the the local G.I Joe store here in Barcelona to look for military paraphernalia. (US Army all terrain hat for 20 Euros!)

So I was more than happy to see that it also made it to the first page of today's paper even as a tiny tiny stamp....
Laura Levine April 6, 2008
Mazel Tov, Hanoch! I spotted it on the home page of the NYT website - small indeed, but most recognizable as yours'. Looks great!
Tim O\'Brien April 6, 2008
On the cover and below the fold but Above the fold quality! Nice one!
Brian Stauffer April 6, 2008
great venue for a great work.
Steve Brodner April 6, 2008
HP: Brilliant resolution and deserved play on page 1. Heston took one look at it and croaked. ("You shall drink bitter waters!", Moses, ordering cocktails for the house.) SB
Marc April 6, 2008
Another great one, Hanoch.
David Heatley April 6, 2008
Saw it right away! Another great portrait. Love the dart.
J.D. King April 7, 2008
A pleasant surprise yesterday morning seeing your 'postage stamp' while walking out of the Kinney drugstore in Boonville, NY.
Robert Saunders April 7, 2008
Lovely, Hanoch! You nailed his upper lip.
Harry Campbell April 7, 2008
It's really the only reason I get the Sunday Times, to see my fellow Drawgerites work. Hanoch, first thing I said was damn! wish I got that one. I'm selfish that way. Nice work and of course instantly recognizable. h
Michael Sloan April 7, 2008
Hanoch - We saw! The night before I was reading your book "Faces" to my daughter Mia at bedtime, so I made a point of showing her your Petraeus piece in the Times the next morning.
Hanoch Piven April 7, 2008
thanks guys and girls it is funny how everybody does see The New York Times
Cathleen Toelke April 7, 2008
Congrats on front page placement! It's an amazing likeness and wonderful selection of details.
Leo Espinosa April 8, 2008
Genial! Enhorabuena, Janoj!
Hanoch Piven April 8, 2008
gracias Leo and Cathleen Leo I hope you don't mind I stole the "Mama.." headline from you.
Leo Espinosa April 8, 2008
I was going to sue you but then I though, spring is finally here, life could be potentially beautiful, most likely this guy is struggling with a mortgage, birdies and squirrels are playing in my backyard... and decided to forget about it. feliz primavera, viejo!