Hanoch Piven
and yet some more guests.
posted: March 15, 2008
Ok this time the visiting artists are
the third graders at
Riverside Consolidated School
in rural New Brunswick, Canada

They made a A Simile Art Project
using My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks as inspiration
and I am letting it speak by itself.
Check out their great web page.

fellow illustrator March 15, 2008
these are great. my favorite line is: "i am as lost as a paper clip". clever! hanoch- your work looks inspired. you obviously love what you do. keep up the great work:-)
Cathleen Toelke March 16, 2008
Danny can't miss with a hairdo and shades like those! Is that a beard already? I think Danny must have hippy parents. These kids are very lucky to have your workshop. The website is cool, too.
Peter Hermann March 17, 2008
I love Zackery's Ahab looking drawing. there is so much warmth and honesty in these, and a zen like quality... "I am sleepy like a tiger" beautiful.